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  1. SM1232 Voltage Analoge Output

    Hi folk, I'm newbie in Siemens, What is the range for 0 to 10V output (0 - 150,000) ??? When I try to control a drive (0-10V) for a 460V motor, I think I set it 0 to 150,000 as Drive read 0-460V but I forget to use Meter to measure how much voltage from Analog output Card ! So I dont know is it right ?? I using the same Function Block for all of the drive, but when I test it, 1 drive work fine, other 2 drive cannot go over than 9400~ 4 Voltage (read from drive) What did I do wrong ??? While there is another ANalog output card, I think if I go over 10,000 it flashing red light !! Anybody have any idea ??
  2. Sinamics G120 configuration help !

    hi folks, I have a Sinamics G120C & BOP-2 Anybody experience with this before, help me in configuration setup for 2 wire control with 4-20ma speed signal from Plc thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I have a dumb question here: 1) I have 2 CPU S7-1200 & 1 TP1200 & Switch: (connect via EN/IE) I'm going to program these 2 CPUs, For example if 1st CPU return an A results, is that possible 2nd CPU use A resuls as its own condition ??? So if YES, just leave results A as an GLOBAL DATA of 1st CPU then 2nd CPU can access it anytime in anycondition ??? or I have to do something ?? 2) Anybody know where I can set the Autosave time for auto backup ??? I've lost my work when I cannot save my work on Network drive and TIA just close the programm without saving anyof my work ! And I found a backup in my file but it was yesterday >_< Thanks
  4. I mean a project with all of buttons (switch, radio button, etc), change screen, language, ... connect with PLC code But, I guest I have to figure it out by myself, Thank you anyway Nelliyan
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to Siemens so that I need a sample code, I'm using Portal TIA integrated, so I cannot open S7p file, only can open hmi file or *.ap file ! (and dont know why while I did install Step7 basic) Thanks
  6. HI folks, I'm newbie and I'm trying to build my first simple panel with an AB 700 FSH Timming (120V input AC) & AB 700HTL1U1 terminal Block Relay (120V DC input, 120V output DC) & a DC drive with a Motor and a switch ^_^! I got trouble when I wired everything up, start the switch and the Terminal Block Relay light on ... but flashing and make noise ! I double check the wiring diagrams and still don't understand why the Terminal Block Relay flashing and make noise !! I think I used AWG#14 for everything (because that the only wire I got) But I don't think it's make problem right ??? OR ... something else I cannot figure out Plz help Thanks folks !
  7. control 6 VFDs Power Flex throu Ethernet ?

    Yes, all the Powerflex drives are connected serial by RJ45 and then to the NC01 card, this is a working Control Panel, and there is no program yet, so I wonder how come I will control them ?? how to assign them an address to give them an output control and speed control !? Thank you all guys
  8. Hi Folks, I graduated as a ME, some how start my job as a Field Technician where I learned experience about reading electrical schematics and use the volt-meter (basic), PLC programs / RSView /C-more ! That all I learned from the part time job I have. I want to know what should I learn or prepare for myself to get a better job in the field related to PLC !!?? I don't know how to create a pannel, such thing like wire stuff. Again, I graduate as a ME not an EE, everything relate to electrical, I dont know or I know a little bit by experience ! What kind of job I can got with my little experience ???? what should I learn more ?? or just try to get a job where I can learn more about wire stuff (to know how to create a small control panel ????) Thanks
  9. Hi folks, I am now encounter the problem that I never meet before, how can I control 6 VFDs which is connected (series jump) and all connected to a mini DIN AB 1763-NC01 ???? I usually work with Analog so I know the Address for Output control, however, in this case, how can I give them address and use it to control those VFDs ??? (Micrologix 1400) Thank for helping
  10. sigh ! There is no help
  11. Micrologix1400 Error _ Fault light on: HELPPPP

    It's my I/O Configuration ! I checked and it work ! Thanks guy for helping me !
  12. Micrologix1400 Error _ Fault light on: HELPPPP

    I checked the cables were fine, nothing wrong ! connection now is to connect 1762-OF4 to 1762-OW8 , 1762-OW8 to Micrologix !! or have to re-wire them to 1762-OW8 to 1762-OF4, then 1762-OF4 to Micrologix ???
  13. Micrologix1400, 1762OW8 exp, 1762OF4 exp Major Error S:6=287h "I/O configuration mismatch, check module 2. The expansion I/O configuration in the user program did not match the actual configuration, or specified a module that was not found, or the data size for the module was greater than what the module is capable of holding." I can download my code, go online, but cannot run because of this Fault error ? What did I do wrong ? Thanks