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  1. Omron sysmac c20 cpu74e

    Thanks for the info. I have ordered two Ram G chips. One question though. When I recorded the program originally it would only let me do so if I switches the dip switches from ROM to RAM. So I am unclear as to what I actually saved i.e the sysmac had two EPROMs and no ram chips but I had to switch to RAM in order to save the file. What did I actually save?
  2. Omron sysmac c20 cpu74e

    By "test tool" I mean the Pro 15 plug in unit. Back in the day the program was recorded on to cassette tape. I recorded it as a sound file and uploaded it to the other sysmac. PM
  3. Omron sysmac c20 cpu74e

    Reply to Jay Anthony I will look into this. Can you comment on the following on the C20 1. Is the program in the EPROM the " operating system" and the program in the RAM the actual program for the device being controlled? 2. I have been through the manuals and cannot find reference to the timers you mention. When the system was powered down ( but battery left in) these timer values where lost? Thanks to all for your suggestions. PM
  4. Omron sysmac c20 cpu74e

    Reply to Sleepy Wombat This is the history, 1. Got called to re commission a lift that had been abandoned for sometime . It was missing the two EPROMs. Replaced the two EPROM's 2. Went to a different site with the exact same lift ( which was Working )Plugged in test tool and recorded program onto laptop. 3. Returned to original site uploaded program. This did not resolve the problem 4. Removed EPROM's and brought them over to the site with the working lift and put them into the sysmac c20. Lift would not work. Replaced the original EPROM's back into the sysmac on the lift that was ok. Now it is not working either. My expertise is on Otis lifts. There are not many lifts that use PLC controls. I have contact the original manufacturer and there answer buy a new control panel. I have contacted the local Omron agent and while they have tried to be helpful they are not able to resolve the issue.
  5. Omron sysmac c20 cpu74e

    Thanks. I have a programmer( but no reference list ) I am confused as to why taking the EPROM's should cause this problem. PCM
  6. Omron sysmac c20 cpu74e

    There are loads of them out there in lift controllers. PM
  7. Omron sysmac c20 cpu74e

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am a lift engineer. I removed the two EPROMs for the c20 yesterday. When put them Back the unit locked up. I investigated with the test tool and the program seems to be there? Is there a special start up routine? Am I missing something simple? I have the manuals etc any advice appreciated Regards, PCM