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  1. Sysmac Mini SK-20 cable wanted!

    Hello Jay.   Thanks for the link. D2 and C11 have no value.  Can you or anybody help?   Kind regards
  2. OMRON C20H help

    Hi Again.   Thank you.  i found this link that explains the cable needed VS Plc. i posted it because i think it is very usefull. ragards
  3. OMRON C20H help

    Hi Jay. You are Super.... thanks.   And with this one is it possible? it is the omron original   9 pin db9 and omron 20 pin with the interface box.   thanks!    
  4. OMRON C20H help

    Hello !   Can i connect to c20h controller  with cable attached?   i have the serial port connected to a nt20 and i need to go online without disconnecting nt20. is it possible? thanks
  5. Sysmac Mini SK-20 cable wanted!

    hi.   i know that this post is quite old but i am looking for the cable schematic and i can´t find it . Can somebody post the shematic, please?   regards   tintin2005
  6. Dataliner DL5 Software

    Hi! I know that this thread is quite old but can you help me? Is the software still available?   regards
  7. help cqm1-cif02 do not work

    Hi again. Already have done all the changes and connections but still don´t work. Regards from pT tintin2005
  8. help cqm1-cif02 do not work

    Hello Man. thank you for your fast reply. There are only 7 wires connected? pins 5 and 6 have no connection..... is this right? thnks in advance tintin2005
  9. help cqm1-cif02 do not work

    Hello. I am trying to conect to a CPM1A-40CDR-A-V1 omron plc with CQM1-CIF02 original used cable. As he as a db9 male i adapted it to a db9 female folowing this diagram: http://forums.mrplc.com/uploads/monthly_02_2010/post-2041-1266502872.png but my cable´s db9 as some strange conections as you can see in attached photos. i think that this cable was used to connect some omron plc to a printer orto a NT20 hmi. probable someone changed the conections. pins 4 and 5 should be conected but as you can see there´s no wires connecting them. ad there´s some cutted wires... My cqm1-cif02 seems to have this connections ... http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=9960. Has anybody got the colours to pin number? Can someone open a good working cable and share the connectiosn info? Some help would be NICE! regards tintin2005
  10. hello guys. Let me say that i am a beginer in this stuff.... I had a magelis xbt f032110 that was comunicating with a tsx 3721 (Micro) and it got broked . As those magelis are obsolete i converted the app with switch2vijeo to adapt it to xbtgt 2220. Because i don´t have a xbtgt2220 i changed the target device to xbt gt2330. i have corrected the conversion errors and creat the new cfcard project. i made the comunication cable XBTZ9780. the plc is working with unitelway protocol and worked fine with the old xbtf032110. Now it always says " No reply from PLC within Timeout period. (UniTelwayEquipment01)" Can anyone help me to make the correct tunning for the unitelway comunication? regards tintin2005
  11. OMRON C20H help

    Thank you Jay. I will test it later and leave a feedback. I will try with syswin 3.4. thnak you for your help. tintin2005
  12. OMRON C20H help

    hello jay. thanks for your fast answer. I´m going to make the cable and try again. Do i need this 3G2A6_LK201? or it´s direct to Personal computer? The LSS and SSS dos software available here in the forum has full working capabilities? regards tintin2005
  13. OMRON C20H help

    Hello there. I need to download the application from a Omron C20H plc and have already tried with severeal cables, but had no success. Is it possible to do it with a simple hand made cable, or i need to use this intergace 3g2a6-lk201-ev1? I read somewhere that i could comunicate with C20H with a simple cable. By the way, with hand made one i did receive some errors, but now i do not have here the printscreens that i made. later i will put them here and i hope that somebody wil help me. regards From pT tintin2005