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  1. Doesn't apply anymore - that was for my original question of "could not use '|'; file already in use". Now about the code: Sub_Button1_Released() is a button on FT view, the code I pasted below it was VBA code that was assigned to the button so as to open the excel sheet. I guess if i make 2 different buttons - one to make it visible and one to actually open it, the user would have both options just in case the excel sheet is closed (even though I'm sure i can protect it - but ill get to that later :) ) Another remark about the sheet attached: Delete the backround and unhide a couple of rows so you can have a look at the working :) It was a bitch to figure out and implement on excel since I'm not an expert in excel, or any other software! I just know how to use a lot of different software :) Also, if anyone would like to use the excel sheet attached, just ask for permission and I would be more than happy to let you :) Thank you, Patrick Edit: Hmm, I tried doing this: Private Sub Button3_Released() Excel.Application.Visible = True End Sub But apparently that didn't work - I'm quite sure I'm doing something wrong =/ Thanks
  2. Alarm and event setup FT View 6.10

    dang it...any other option?
  3. I attached the file, you might need to change some settings around because i tried to make it look like a webpage when in fullscreen. Thank you Also if you're good at VBA; I am using this code: Private Sub Button1_Released() Excel.Application.Workbooks.Open "C:\Users\BMS\Desktop\Schedule with button.xlsm" Excel.Application.Visible = True End Sub To open an excel file. Now, the Excel file is supposed to be always open and constantly running, since its updating from it. Is there a way that I could change the code so that it will maximize it (if minimized) or open (if closed). I am running with a dual monitor setup and I need it to popup on the right hand side monitor (monitor 2) - if this makes any difference. I have no idea on how VBA works, never studied it, so I'm depending on help :) Thank you Patrick Schedule with button.rar
  4. Factory talk 6.10 crashing Whole PC

    I think i figured out what the problem was - I think i reached the limit of the amount of tags that could be visible at one time. Thing is that on the main panel i had a lot of lights, all with their respective tags. I took a chance and started deleting some of the less useful ones, after reducing the number by half or more i tried loading up popups again. This time it went up to 7 popups! I am glad with that, and so is the User, so it will have to stay that way :) Do you think it really is because i reached the tag limit? Thank you
  5. Alarm and event setup FT View 6.10

    I am working in Factory Talk View SE 6.10 I can't seem to find this "Advanced" tab, in my "Alarm and Event setup" the 3rd tab is called "Level" and there isn't advanced to be seen anywhere! Thank you Patrick
  6. how can i make the alarm banner popup automatically when there is a new alarm? thank you
  7. Factory talk 6.10 crashing Whole PC

    Wow ok, thanks lol, Lots of hatred for FT view I see! Thank you, at least i know im not alone!
  8. Hehe ok sorry you're right, didn't realise i didnt give any details. So, I'm using Factory talk View 6.10 to do datalogging on some tags (which are already in FT view). This datalog is saved in OBDC format. I am using excel 07 to access this datalog file and draw a table with it, showing me Tag name, Date & Time, and Tag Value. Problem is, to refresh excel to get the new data, I need to stop the datalogging on Factory talk (otherwise I would get the error i mentioned above). Everytime I do this, I get a new datapoint created (i.e. a value for the tags for that current time). Now by time, things start getting messed up, the datalog points available are jumbled up and "seem" random - since there are multiple datapoints at times where a 'snapshot' of the tags should not have been taken. I would like to find a way to bypass this error to avoid having to stop the datalogging on factory talk to refresh excel (basically avoiding creating extra datapoints) Any idea? Thank you
  9. Factory talk 6.10 crashing Whole PC

    I upgraded the Graphics card to a more decent ATI radeon 6950 club edition, but the problem still persists. I consulted my IT technician and he had no idea what could be happening. Sometimes an error pops up saying: "Insufficient memory to complete operation" (or something similar). The technician suggested against downgrading to XP since I would lose the capability to get 8GB RAM and even the i5 processor. Thank you Patrick
  10. Factory talk 6.10 crashing Whole PC

    Hi Julio, Thank you for your reply. The software I am currently running, the 6.10 is stated to be compatible with windows 7 professional x64 in the description, so I wonder howcome they told you it was not officially compatible. Also, thing is I used to run this software on Windows 7 Professional x86 (32 bit) and I had the same problems with it. I am going to try the new graphics card since if I just end up downgrading the OS, I will essentially lose half the RAM. I will try to remember to post what happens here :) Thank you Patrick
  11. I get the error: "could not use '|'; file already in use" when I refresh the table in excel. The only solution i found was to turn off data logging, refresh and then turn it on again, but the problem with this is that it creates another data point when you start the datalogging again, and that is a problem since I need a report (on excel ) that shows the daily consumption. So I only want one data point per day, because otherwise, it will mess up the calculations on excel. Any idea how i could access the data log file without having to stop data logging - or, if that isn't possible, how I could prevent data logging from creating a new data point when I re-start the data logging? Thank you very much Patrick
  12. Errors on Factory talk Datalogging

    The problem has been solved - apparently even leaving the option to turn off the display after a certain amount of time cause the data logging to malfunction!
  13. I keep on getting errors on FT view SE 6.10 whilst doing data logging. I started data logging for a number of tags and when left overnight i came back in the morning to find that data logging stopped for a couple of hours, started again, had invalid or no readings for certain tags and other things. I made sure the power options for the PC were not power saver - the PC doesnt sleep automatically and the hard-drives are never turned off, the only thing it does is turn off the display automatically after about 10 minutes. Any ideas what might be going on? I have plenty of space on my hard drive for it to save. I haven't pasted an error FT view gave me because at the moment there aren't any in the Diagnostics list, I will edit the post when i get an error again. Thank you Patrick
  14. Factory talk trend templates

    Thank you ill try it out, even though i don't know how to use vba hehe Thankyou
  15. Factory talk trend templates

    Yes i found that out, but i wanted something that the user could toggle without having to mess around with the settings of graph - preferabbly radio buttons (or similar) on the graph itself. I thought there would be some different trends on but i couldn't find anything =/ Thanks