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  1. Hello, I am having problems when trying to upload the program from an ABB 07KT97 PLC via serial communication. I can connect to PLC and read some information from it, like version and other misc data. When I try to upload the program from PLC to notebook I get these two error messages: 1) "Sourcecode could not be read!" 2) "Online service last executet was faulty!" Note: the word "executet" is spelled wrong on the original error message. I am using AC1131 software. Any help will very appreciated! Greetings
  2. Hello, I have a running ControlLogix Enhanced redundancy system: The first chassis has in Slot 0 the Controller, in Slot 1 the Redundancy Module and in Slot 2 a CNB Module (node 3). The second chassis has the very same configuration. The third chassis has in Slot 0 a CNB Module (node 1), in Slot 1 another CNB Module (node 2), in Slot 2 a DHRIO Module, in Slot 3 another DHRIO Module and in Slot 4 a 16 Digital Input Module. What I don't know how to do is getting the entry status of the CNB located in the chassis that is running as Secondary. Can anybody give me any clue? Thanks! Best regards Fernando