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  1. Question about firmwares

    Hello. I searched for an answer for this but it is still not very clear to me. I have a new Guardlogix 1756-L72S. I would like to create a project to work with it with firmware version 20.13. I have RSlogix5000 v20.01(CPR 9 SR 5) which should be compatible with it (in fact I can open projects with another guardlogix that have that firmware version) BUT when I create my new porject, the firmware version RSLogix5000 puts is v20.11 1. How could I create a project with the firmware version 20.13 for my guardlogix? (Didn't find an AOP for this) 2. If I update the guardlogix to firmware 20.13 with the CONTROLFLASH, could I still be able to go online and work with it, even though my project has a different firmware version? Thanks!
  2. HMI with BR AUTOMATION 3.080

    Ok, I know what is the problem now. Both the VNC Viewer and the Visu you declared are VGA, BUT your Power Panel is QVGA. Just declare a new VC4 visualization in Logical View, and this time choose a QVGA resolution. The reason you can't choose that Visu for the DS1 is because the resolution is not compatible with your PP420.0571. The new QVGA visu should be eligible now. Hope this helps you.
  3. HMI with BR AUTOMATION 3.080

    You have to manually add your visualization with the name "visu". To do this just double click in the "VC Object Name" column and a display list of your available visualizations should appear. That VNC Viewer is just a Virtual Panel. It can be displayed in your computer when you are connected with the PLC, and need to use the VNC Viewer program on your PC. You should erase that if you are not planning to use it, or if you are, for it to share the same visualization than the PLC in this case, you have to double click the "Master" column and choose the module address DS1.