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  1. [Help] BIN and DECO Function

    thank you very much for your explanation I think you are expert in programming mitsubishi PLC, I have the project to replace goldsec PLC into modicon i must translate programming language this PLC. goldsec is one of korean PLC but under license by mitsubishi. technical support for golsec PLC is too bad
  2. [Help] BIN and DECO Function

    can you help me to explain this program Thank you! Regards kurniawan
  3. [ASK] CJ1M CPU11-ETN

    when i connect PLC CJ1M CPU11 with auto online mode, there is warning message "This PLC type is not supported.Failed to connect to the PLC " if i make new (ctrl+n) there is PLC CJ1M but the CPU type : CPU12,CPU13,CPU22,CPU23 thanks for reply
  4. [ASK] CJ1M CPU11-ETN

    I am using CX programmer version 3.2 for PLC CJ1M CPU11-ETN but there are problems, this software is not support for this PLC How to solve this problem? What is the minimum requirement CX programmer for this PLC? thanks