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  1. CCW Software for Micro800 Series

    I agree with you to the point where I would recommend that they begin all over with a PLC version of the software and leave the CCW for who ever they thought would want it. Even with decades of experience, it took me several days to create an array and then another day to figure out why I could not see it. This is just unacceptable.
  2. CCW Software for Micro800 Series

    Just wondering how much effort the SMS turned out to be? That is what drew me to the Micro800 in the first place. I have done a lot of ASCII in PLC5 and so doing remote control over SMS sounds like a very useful methodology.
  3. CCW Software for Micro800 Series

    Thanks for your feedback. I've always been a staunch supporter of Allen Bradley, and in this case, I'm not able to do that. The hardware shows a great developmental effort and in my assessment, the software learning curve is excessive. I was just wondering whether anyone else agrees with me. Bob A.
  4. programming software for micro830 controller

    CCW has two flavors, one of which is free. The upgraded version is about $400. My experience is that neither is simple to use.
  5. I just commissioned a system utilizing 3 1756-IRT8I TC Analog Input Modules. It was soon discovered that there were sags in the order to 2 -10 % in the inputs across all channels. These sags occurred in all three modules but at different times but were occurring more or less on ~4-6 hour intervals. There are two CJC inputs (Cold Junction Compensation) and it was discovered that one CJC value also sagged while the other one remained constant through the sags. Tech Support had no information about the issue, but eventually found that there was a thus far unannounced firmware update, that was made available. The problem modules all had FW Version 1.013 and the Update Version as of Mid Oct, 2015 is Version 1.014. Following the FW update, the sags are no longer being seen. Bob A.
  6. Just looking for an indication of the success or lack there of among the AB users community. I find the hardware interesting but have wasted far too much time wrestling with CCW software. I'm curious whether I'm alone in my assessment? Thanks for any feedback. Bob A.
  7. When you create the .cli file to open the SE Client application, select it in File Explorer and then click "Send to > Desktop". It will likely be under RSView Enterprise > SE > client. Once the shortcut is on the Desktop, You can click it as many times as you want. I use four monitors on one machine all day everyday.
  8. Looking for FactoryTalk expertise

    Jeff, Where is this activity located ? Bob A
  9. Hi Guys, I have used this HP LaserJet 4P to print manuals for quite a while, but it reports an error now. I have a number of toner refills for it so I would like to get it working again rather than buy a new light duty version. Does anyone know anything about how to address an error 51 on this machine? Thanks for any ideas. Bob A.
  10. SensaGuard Safety Switch

    I've obviously seen the GuardLogix Input Wiring Scheme....So how does it's test inputs work with a SensaGuard Safety switch that has a solid state output ? Bob A
  11. SensaGuard Safety Switch

    Hi Guys, Been looking at the 1734-IB8S wiring and now there is a SensaGuard safety switch to connect to it. The installation instructions show the A & A+ connections as well as B and B+. But none of the suggested wiring diagrams even mention the PointGuard module. The PointGuard Input has a Test Output to source the voltage for Dry Contacts that includes a Test signal and I've not found any instructions about how this all gets wired up. Anyone been down this road? Thanks, Bob A.
  12. Hi Guys, It has been interesting to see how you all have addressed this requirement. I've been tied up for a few weeks and while my last patch has worked perfectly, it is not really a sexy as it should be. I have spent some time watching the Active bit and others, but don't have an exact definition of what it represents. from Bill Fletchers post, it appears that it is more useful than I initially thought. This will definitely get some more attention. Bernie C...Like you, I approach this from a conservative point of view and I fully expected to need the hard wired method to have positive control. When I did the initial testing of the Start Stop functions (using PF40 over EIP) back in 2005, it worked fine and so I deligated the hardwired control as a backup. I see that now, there is a secondary safety circuit in some drives for assuring that the drive cannot motor (see PF 755) . I would have bought that, if it had been available in a timely fashion. Thanks for all the great feedback. You guys are great! Best Regards, Bob A.
  13. Hi Guys, Had a troublesome problem recently with control of a drive over EtherNet/IP. There is a drive that runs twice a minute that sometimes would not start even though the command was sent. After a lot of troubleshooting effort, and three Tech Connect sessions, it was determined that the Stop Command was not gone when the Start Command arrived and so it was ignored. The problem was based on the fact that I was using a "NOT Run" condition in the logic to send the Stop and when "Run" was sent, it would get there before Stop was Off about 5% of the time. I'm now using a timer to release the Stop shortly before the Start is sent and the problem has been solved. Best Regards, Bob A.
  14. Hardy Scale Config (HI4050)

    Hi Guys: A followup...The Input Instance is 100 not 110. Some of my notes got lost and my memory got corrupted. These scales are doing an awesome job! Bob A.
  15. Logix50000

    Just a guess, but I'm expecting there will be plenty said about this next week.