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  1. Local HMI Panel to Motorola ACE3600 via Modbus TCP

    Our TPD and VPD series Touchpads have the ability to communicate to Modbus TCP slave devices.  We offer models from 2.8" to 7" touchscreens.  the configuration software is free to use.  They also provide Scaling, virtual tags which can be used for mathematical or logic function and the ability to use ladder logic for simple control features. For Modbus TCP communication, please be sure to select a model which has an Ethernet port.  Touchpad Controllers
  2. Simple data logging software

    We have a software package called EZ Datalogger.  It is free to use for up to 64 tags when you use one of our Data Acquisition modules.  A license can be purchased if you have your own DAQ modules or if you have more than 64 IO tags.  EZ Datalogger runs on a Windows PC and can communicate to most Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU devices.  Our Modbus TCP selection guide can be found at the following link: Modbus TCP Data Acquisition Modules The steps for data logging are: 1) Configure your Modbus TCP slave IP address for your network 2) Configure the IO channel types and verify data is read properly using Web interface 3) Install EZ Datalogger on your PC 4) Create a Modbus TCP connection to your DAQ device by entering the IP address of the Slave 5) Add your Modbus TCP slave device by selecting the Model or entering the Modbus register types and counts 6)Add channels which you would like to be stored in Data log to the channel list 7) Adjust sampling period and data log storage path if necessary (sampling period is 1 second by default and a new file will be created every 24 hours 8) Click on start to begin data logging. If we can answer any questions, please feel free to contact us at
  3. USB TO RS485 PC Adapter Installation

    We also have a newer version which  also has drivers for  Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Linux.  This converter not only converts USB to RS-485 but also converts USB to either RS-232 or RS-422.  It is USB powered and din rail mountable.
  4. HMI view/control on smart phone or tablet

    You can also use Indusoft's SMA think client.  It works for IPAD, Android and any HTML5 browser.  
  5. Modbus TCP client for windows

    Our free client tool works for both Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU slave devices.  Give it a try and provide feedback.
  6. Ethercat

    We have a new series of EtherCAT compatible Remote IO modules.
  7. Modbus TCP/IP remote I/O

    We have over 20 combination of Modbus TCP remote IO modules. If we can answer any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  8. controls for small application

    Once you have your sensor, our WISE controller will make integration easy. It uses IF-Then-Else logic and requires no additional software purchase. If we can help with any questions, please feel free to contact us at
  9. Hi All, We have a free Modbus Master Utility that you can use to test communcation to your Modbus Slave modules and PLC. Please let us know your feedback. If we can help with any future projects, with remote IO, controllers or communicaiton, please feel free to contact us.
  10. problem about connecting Labview to Delta PLC

    Hi Sparky, I am not familar with the Delta PLC but if it follows the Generic Modbus TCP standard, you can follow the guide for our ET modules. In the future, if you require additional IO, you can connect in the same way using our ET series modules
  11. ADAM-5000/TCP Modbus Communication Watchdog

    The Adam-5069 does not support Modbus TCP; unless the rack system that you plug it into converter the Modbus RTU data to Modbus TCP. We have a simpler solution. Using our ET-7067. It is a Modbus TCP slave device which can be added to your SCADA system. To enable the safe values, you simply connect to the module with IE or Chrome and set the safe value on the web configuraion page.
  12. 0 - 10v

    We have Ethernet IP AI Data aquisition modules which can read in 0- 10 VDC inputs Page 37 of the manual shows the simple setup.
  13. We have a new Ethernet IP to Modbus RTU gateway for connecting your AB PLC to your old modbus RTU devices.
  14. 7-Day Programmable Relay

    We have a programmable relay that requires no programming skills or software to configure. The WISE-7901 is programmed within a web browser. The output modules can be selected to have a variety different I/O choices. I have chosed our X107 which has 6 DI and 7 DO. Please visit these links for more information: Product information: The product page: The output board
  15. Hart communicator via USb to Serial converter

    Hi Mike, I know it is probly a little late. We have a USB to Hart converter with free software for configuration. Here's a link. If you did already take care of this, I am curious as to what solution you did use and the extent of its success.