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    Thanks for the help. I will post the code as soon as I can.

    Hi, Unfortunately we already have the PLC and management will not accept to buy a new one at this time.

    Hi all, We have 4 pumps that have to be activated for one hour each, but not at the same time. The hour is different for each pump. The cycle is 24 hours. Does anybody have the code of a 24 hour counter? We don't have the budget to buy a plc with RTC. Thank you for your help.
  4. Troubleshooting SL 5/05 1747-L551 Ethernet Comms

    Hi Matt, We found that the problem was the on the comms modules. Since the processor and comms are located at the same board I had to buy a new processor. The damage was caused by the ethernet port. A current was induced on the wiring due to high voltage discharge (lightning). The symptoms are the same odd comms problems and finally goes hard fault. There is no way to reset or do anything else with that processor. Change it. Regards. Renzo.
  5. Troubleshooting SL 5/05 1747-L551 Ethernet Comms

    Thanks Armadillo852.
  6. Troubleshooting SL 5/05 1747-L551 Ethernet Comms

    Armadillo852, This is the picture of the PLC processor. Does this tells you something? I think this might be my problem. Thanks for the tip. Regards, Renzo.
  7. Troubleshooting SL 5/05 1747-L551 Ethernet Comms

    Hey Armadillo852, Thanks for the post. I will check the the revision of the processor. By any chance do youy have the AB document or know where I can download it? Thanks again. Regards, Renzo
  8. Hello, During normal maintenance the PLC was shutdown and power removed. Once the maintenance job was done the PLC will not power up and load the programm. The PLC was working fine the day before. The fault led flashes with the enet led flasing also, after a few seconds the enet let turns off and the fault led remains on (not flashing anymore), all other leds turned off. Tried to establish communications via the ethernet but the rslinkx does not finds the PLC on the network, changed the power supply with a new one, no effect. Changed battery, no effect. Tried with the RS232 with no results either. Thanks in advance. Regards, Renzo.