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  1. Shihlin Electric Model SEPLC PLC

    Thanks to all of the replys!!! I'd like to add 1 detail. The battery isn't dead. It's at 3.6 V.
  2. Shihlin Electric Model SEPLC PLC

    I have a Shihlin Electric PLC Model PEPLC. The model number on the front cover is followed by "A20 MR" hand written in red. There is one front panel light titled "PROG-E // CPU-E". The machine will not run and the light is blinking/flashing. I have a print out of the program but nothing else: no documentation and no way to reprogram it, if that's what's required. I'm looking for documentation and a way to program it. Or should I tell my boss it's a lost cause? Thanks for any help and or direction you can provide. Bob