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  1. data shifted

    OK. I understand. Just want to know the responds only after I posted the program. I appretiate all of your support. thanks a lot guys. c u next time.
  2. data shifted

    Hi All, Did you find any thing in my program that I posted here before?? I have no idea anymore about this problem. Hope you all can help. Thanks.
  3. data shifted

    Hi Dariusch, Firstly, thanks for your respond. I already checked the things that you mentioned. the M2 and M3 just using one contact in program. The changes when active contact M2 also done. The data in block change after backup.
  4. data shifted

    Hi Goody, Any finding?
  5. data shifted

    Hi Crossbow, Any finding?
  6. data shifted

    Hi Crossbow and Goody, OK. Here the program attached. Appreciate that you all helping me to check this program. Hope you all can find out the root cause. Thanks.
  7. data shifted

    Hi Goody, Need your help also if you have any suggestion for me. Thanks.
  8. data shifted

    Hi Crossbow, Ohh..Sorry coz make u misunderstanding..That D1000 that i mentioned before is the example how the data shifted. Not only D1000 got data shifted. A lot of address got effected. Let me explain, we using this address range in program: CURRENT POSSITION (D1800-D1842) TEACHING POINT & SPEED (D2000-D2870) TORQUE MAX RECORD (D1400-D1423) TORQUE CURRENT VALUE (D1900-D1922) TORQUE SET LIMIT (D2980-D2999) Also others Parameter for TIMER SETTING, TEMPERATURE SETTING etc. All those address range above always effected when data shifted happened. What I'm understand is in Setting 3 (refer attach), PLC#1 = 1000 but PLC#2 = 200, seem like not tally. They sharing address but not the same no. of points. Is it correct?
  9. data shifted

    Hi Crossbow, I've checked the Multiple CPU Setting that you told me. Please refer attachment for my setting. I think Setting 3 have something wrong in the setting, is it true?? Any wrong setting in that attachment?? For Intelligent Module, I have checked it. We not using that function. Thanks a lot!!!
  10. data shifted

    Alright...I will check it out....thanks...
  11. data shifted

    Hi Crossbow, First, thanks for reply. You mean the 16bits and 32bits selection when we display device memory, right? I select 32bits. In this program also have the BMOV function for backup and restore data. This function using if data shifted happen and all the teaching points lost. Then, just press RESTORE DATA button on touch screen and all the data will back to original. They using BMOV D8400 D1000 K2000 (for RESTORE DATA) and BMOV D1000 D8400 K2000 (for BACKUP DATA). But some time, data in this D8400 till D10400 also lost/shifted and unable to RESTORE DATA How come if this problem is causing by : a) shared data areas between the two CPUs coz we use Q02CPU and Q173CPUN? b) intelligent module utilities (GX-Configurator)? In PLC program, we not use the intelligent module program but still using the Temperature controller module.
  12. data shifted

    Hi guys, Currently i have some problem, my plc always get data shifted (data in memory device lost/change). This data memory stored the teaching point for motors movement. FYI, im using PLC(Q02CPU) and Q-Motion(Q173CPUN). This is happen many time and any time, suddenly during machine autorun. I have upload the plc program while its happen many time but the data shifted (changing) is not fix. For example: Before D1000 (2145) and after data shifted D1000 (2) then next data shifted D1000 (4568). I have check in plc incase have some step will force move certain value into memory range but dont have. If have, it must be fix data movement right? so, need u all guys help to give opinion/suggestion to solve this problem. thanks.....