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  1. PWM Amplifiers

    I'm trying to find a DIN rail-mountable 4-0channel PWM amplifier that is capable of accepting a 5VDC PWM with a maximum frequency of 180Hz and using it to drive 24VDC outputs that energize the coils of proportional solenoid valves at 3A   I purchased one on Amazon, buts it's not readily mountable and one I received always has an output on channel 4 and blows the fuse if I energize output 1, so I have my reservations as to its reliability - https://www.amazon.ca/WALFRONT-4-Channel-Amplifier-Circuit-3-7-27VDC/dp/B07NRPNQXN/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2XK3WMJB6A2MK&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.FDw_rg5OGgtt425EPx82eKWy1EZ-D7xHfWjbX78mVRPfQrV0tjjaEMgOTCYMpaoGECFOyP9ZtxuMJywY-ih2hSquTEPlveXwpOqxKlr-13_Li7WjFA9b_JjZXOmVZqpXR2EdhkioPBVfrqBTHe999KXKDYD7pamsXMINUzJZQcis3crkLf0-G_iig44VnbsB4D8yAf7NJzfeXFvfjq0np5SMRYat2MqD1O5_07_N00YDmgophypbEckrkxe8F6fnsHYXKYoMiHCLhZqtxe5QxWrOWQuZ6NnIbSk4tA-WBXc.BcNYk9hGzsWq_CNxJDf3TxN2bGuEUwyFe5Y-RUp7Jy8&dib_tag=se&keywords=pwm+amplifier+din&qid=1712149829&sprefix=pwn+amplifier+din%2Caps%2C120&sr=8-2  
  2. SLC 5/05 loosing program

    I've seen this symptom four times in about 10 years. Once, it was due to poor grounding. Make sure the chassis is grounded and make sure shields for analog inputs & outputs are bonded at only one end. The other three times were due to a bad power supply.
  3. How to change value of Omron memory address

    I agree. I didn't write it, but i did inherit it. I managed to figure it out. Thanks.
  4. The attached .cxp program controls a centrifugal separator. Would someone be willing to take a look at it and tell me what memory address I have to alter to change the analog output that changes when the shoot_relay is energized? As a guide, the value of the output changes from 88% to 100% when the "shoot" is initiated during CIP? I'm not at the location, but I have someone there that can change the value. It's a 48-rung program and should be pretty easy to decipher for an Omron guy... I'm not.Separator-new.cxp.zip Thanks in advance
  5. My guess is that the original program was stored to an EEPROM, and that the analog card settings weren't set up properly when it was saved. After the power blip, the program stored on EEPROM was copied to RAM.
  6. I "cascade" them. On the first scan, start the MSG#1. The second one starts when the DN, ER or TO bit from MSG#1 is set. I also unlatch the EN bit for MSG#1 (probably no good reason to, but I do). MSG#3 starts when MSG#2 is DN, ER or TO.... Under the "first scan" bit for MSG#1, put in branches for the last MSG DN, ER & TO.
  7. If you're REALLY stuck, and if you can get by with a slower reaction time, try sharing the analog input. Here's what worked for me... Install a 8-pin octal relay with NO & NC contacts. Connect the common terminal to the analog input. Connect the analog signal from one device to the NC contact and connect the NO contact to the signal from the second device. Using an unused discrete output, energize/de-energize the relay coil at a suitable rate (I used 2 seconds). After the coil changes state, wait 500ms, then read the analog value. Do the same thing with the other device when the relay changes state again. The relay will actually have two sets of contacts, so you can use this method for connecting 4 analog devices to two analog inputs. Of coures, this may introduce some error and may require rescaling (my application didn't), but it's a quick'n'dirty solution to an otherwise insurmountable problem. Give it a try and let us know how it worked.
  8. Absolutely, but there are a few issues to address first... 1. What type of Micrologix. ML1100 is easy, but you'll need a 1761-NET-ENI device if it's a ML1000, ML1200 or ML1500. Set it up with an IP address compatible with your network. 2. You'll need a router at the PLC end to connect to intenet. A router with built-in VPN would be ideal, but you can use a program like Open VPN. 3. Ideally, use an identical VPN router at the other end. Once you're configured, you're effectively on the same network. 4. Ping the NET-ENI's IP address. You should should get a reply. 5. Configure RSLinx and browse for the controller.
  9. Zelio T flip-flop

    I always use FBD, which isn't available on the model you want to use, but it should still be pretty easy. I just did the equivalent of what you want in FBD in about one minute. Basically, use the input to trigger a "delay-off" timer that's connected to an output. A second branch from the same input connects to a inverter ("NOT") gate, the output of which connects to the "reset" of the timer.
  10. I have 3 SLC 150 that willbe taken out of service shortly and you can have them if you want, just pay shipping. I used DOSBOX for programming, though. No programmer or analog cards.
  11. The Modbus-over-Ethernet adapter works great. FYI, the input addresses are 40017, 40018, 40019 & 40020. Outputs are 40021, 40022, 40023 & 40024. All are 16-bit integers. The documentation I found said the inputs started at 40016.