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  1. Tank level program

    Hi all I'm trying to make a program for a tank level exercise in RSLogix but need a little help. The program I have writen so far can be seen here: the Tank consists of the following: a fill solenoid to fill the tank, a pump out motor to drain the tank, a high level detector and a low level detector. The problem I would like help with is concerning a safety feature which needs to be incorperated should the low detector malfunction the drain pump would run dry. I have incorperated a timer that starts timing when the high level sensor becomes uncovered and resets when the low level sensor becomes uncovered (if the low level sensor fails for some reason the drain pump will be shut off when the timer reaches its time limit) The problem I have is that the timer starts timing again when the low level sensor becomes covered by the rising liquid. I don't want this to happen. I would like the timer to be inhibited until the next time the high level sensor becomes uncovered. I know that there are lots of way to achieve this but I would like to do it using the simplest method ie not using compares etc If anyone could spend a few munutes on this I would be very grateful.