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  1. The KB service is viewed as a profit center. Firms like mine who integrate systems pay for a set of licenses and access to the KB. Past benefit from MrPLC is just that, in the past as far as RA is concerned. While they still have a large part of the NA market, the total value that can be had from other suppliers is slowly cutting into that market and once lost, it is really tough to regain customers. There are many rumors that so far have been only that, rumors, about being sold. A change of ownership might redirect the company to be more customer service oriented but any large entity takes a lot of effort to change. There are MANY great people in RA who want to provide great services but that doesn't always translate into profit and that is what every company has as its first goal. Quantifying how giving some info away today will add to sales down the road is not very easy while charging $$ today is. You have to remember that RA provides system integration services (I was one part of that group) and if RA helps people like us, it can cut into their services business. One part of RA wants many SIs using their equipment and increasing hardware sales while another part of RA wants to get rid of thier competition and provide design services for their equipment. That tug-of-war is on going. We are just in the mud inbetween. Russ