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  1. I just installed Factory Talk View Studio on my laptop so I could backup and alter PanelView Plus's last week. Yesterday I attempted to connect to a DeviceNet network through a SLC 5/04 and it times out. My local AB distributor support guy contacted AB and they say they know of no issues. Looks like there are plenty. One problem I've always had with AB and others too. If I was in the Hardware business, my software would be free! Also I would not charge you for support, especially if it was my screw up that caused the problem anyway. Just my 2 cents worth!
  2. I put a 1747-DPS1 in line with a Pro-face AGP4105-G1-D24 HMI and a MicroLogix 1000. It has allowed me to be online with the MicroLogix without unplugging the HMI. It is working great. I tried to put one in between a 1747-NET-ENI and a MicroLogix 1500. The 1747-NET-ENI is hooked to an Hirschmann Spider 5TX swith which in turn is connected to a PanelView 700+, an SLC 5/05, PowerFlex 70, and a PC via ethernet. strange results. The PanelView still worked great and I was able to get online with my laptop using the DPS1. The 5/05 and the PowerFlex 70 did not communicate with the 1500 however. My local AB "expert" is at a loss and is contacting AB. Will let you know what I find out.
  3. Older computer, not using converter actually has an RS-232 port on it. Works on all other AB plcs. Will have to check on the MSG instrucitons. Didn't know I could go back through the NET-ENI. I would need the IP address correct?
  4. I have a MicroLogix 1500 system with a 1764-28BXB base unit with a 1764-LSP processor. The RS-232 port is connected to a 1761-NET-ENI Series C EtherNet/IP interface. The system works as designed. The problem is 90% of the time when I unplug the cable from the base unit to the interface and hook up my laptop RSLinx will not auto configure nor will it see the processor if I manually set the communications either. Anyone have any ideas as to what could cause this? I have replaced the processor and the base unit, still the problem remains. Thanks
  5. 1760-L12AWA

    Does the 1760-AWA meet ANSI B11.1 and OSHA 1910.217 Standards
  6. RS-485 and DH-485

    I'll have to check and see. Did not know this was possible. Thanks!
  7. RS-485 and DH-485

    I had not planned on using the network to control start and stop, only to change speed and a few other parameters. System will be stopped before change so speed will not be an issue. Thanks!
  8. I have a system that has a PanelView 550 DH-485, SLC 5/03, and 7 PowerFlex 4's. The drives are currently not networked and are controlled with discrete I/O and potentiometers for speed. I want to network the drives to the SLC 5/03. I need to use the existing equipment. This is what I've came up with. (see attached file) Anyone see any problems with this? Wulftec Line 5 Network Proposal.pdf
  9. MicroLogix DF1 connector

    I realized what you were getting at after I logged off last night. Would not be cutting a cable this way. Thanks
  10. MicroLogix DF1 connector

    These would work if the MicroLogix had a DB9 port. It does not.
  11. MicroLogix DF1 connector

    So what you all are saying is there is no known connector what will work? I'm using a Proface AGP4105-G1-D24 and it has a "9 pin Screw Terminal" RS-232 port on it. So all I need is a male 8 pin DIN (mini?) connector that will plug into the ML 1000 DF1 port and a piece of 8 conductor cable to land on the Proface Terminal. Theoretically anyway. If I have to cut the end off of a cable I guess the one OkiePC posted is the cheapest route to go. Thanks
  12. Well if it is here search will not find it. Can anyone give me a manufacturer and part number for a male connector that will plug into the DF1 port on a MicroLogix 1000. Can you also recommend a cable that works well for this connector in an RS-232 usage? Also is it a 8 pin DIN or Mini 8 pin DIN? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply BobLfoot.
  14. So if you have a notebook computer with no PCMCIA slot, the only way to communicate with a plc via DH+ is the $2038.00 (list price) 1784-U2DHP smart cable?
  15. I'm looking for a PCMCIA to USB adapter that will work with the 1784-PCMK/B card. Has anyone tried one that works? Thanks in advance!