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  1. I'm trying to get an older system up and running again. I'm using the software from the original build and a new screen off the shelf. (we had one new in the box never been opened.) The program downloads fine but It never shows up on the screen. I get the same Ethernet setup screen that it originally powered up to new from box . I pulled the program from the same model screen and I can upload it to the old screen just fine. but it will not work with new screen, even though it seems to upload just fine.  Software is Quickdesigner 3.70 (yes it older)  Screen is a Proface GP2400-TC41-24V (which is the same model number of the old screen) Any help is greatly appreciated. (yes I cycled power)
  2. SSI TO CP1H-XA40

    Ok here are the parts list: 2 of a truck SSI transducer: Li1000P0-Q25LM0-HESG25X3-H1181 The processor is a omron is a CP1H-XA40DT-D with a CJ1W-CTS21-E (with the proper adapter to connect the two units.)  The Transducers have there own power supplies and all the commons are connected.  The problem I have is that I can not the transducer to connect to the PLC reliably. One time they will connect the next time they will not or only one will connect, but all ways the same one.  I have been to Omron Headquaters in Chicago and they said it was a problem with the transducers. Turck said that is a problem with the setup. I have tried just about every setup in the world on the DM registers (dm20000-20029) I can not get it to be stable. I have even gone to the point of direct wiring the transducer to the PLC and bypassing all connections that I had, with the same result. Yes everything is grounded. The only way I could get them connected was to move the transducers magnets during start-up of the PLC, but now that will not even work. Yes I have tried starting the transducer first and then the PLC. Does anyone have any experience with this setup? any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Doug
  3. Stepper motor drive problems

    I'm using the output of the encoder to drive position. Thanks for any help! Doug
  4. We are currently using a SureStep STP-DRV-4850 stepper drive from Automation Direct with their bipolar STPMTR23079D Stepper motor rated at 1.1 ohm, 2.8 amp per phase and 1.8 degree per step. The setup is a 24 volt rotary encoder 600 PPR AB quad that is turned 1 revolution per 6” of measured travel of the machine. We have a large “clock” dial that shows 24” of travel that the stepper motor directly turns. It has been programmed for 9600 pulse per revolution AB quadrature following and seems to follow the movement quite well. The issue that we having is several times a day the power is shut off to the machine and the stepper upon startup moves to the closest full step which looks to be about 3/8”. We need to save its location or at least keep the dial close to its current mircostep if possible. Do I have something set-up wrong? Should I be using a different drive? Thanks in advance!
  5. Quickdesigner version 3.70

    All ready did! Thanks!
  6. Quickdesigner version 3.70

    That worked great! I reinstalled on 1st laptop, exported file and imported file on 2nd laptop. Thanks!
  7. Program Conversion from CPM2A to CP1L

    There are a few things like DM verse D, also Work bits are different and if you used function 13 or 14 (diff up, dif down) they will not work, just change the bit to a positive or negative edge trigger.
  8. Quickdesigner version 3.70

    Ok so here is the deal. Trying to get an old system going. The screen went bad. The program was not stored in the screen. I have a copy of the program on an old laptop, But the Software keeps telling my the "trial" has exspired. I have another Laptop that has the function software on it. (I think the key got move over to the other Laptop) But I do not have the program on the 2nd laptop. Is there a way to copy the project files from the 1st laptop to the 2nd laptop without starting the software? Thanks !