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  1. Modbus Speed Control Problem

    Peter, Try changing the speed reference by a value of 1 up/down every 5/10 seconds, to see if that solves it. The Easy modbus code only writes the speed reference on value change, so it likely that the value is not written when the drive powers up, as it would not of changed. if you change it every 5-10 sec, then it will always try & write it.
  2. Modbus Speed Control Problem

    Actually, it cod be that the speed value is only sent on data change. I think the easy modbus of is configured to do that by default, but can be changed to always write. What documentation do you have for setting the easy modbus up? I not at PC so cannot check, if PMCR is snooping he may comment as well..
  3. Modbus Speed Control Problem

    Modbus is not that complicated, if you think it is then why not use conventional IO. You could still set the speed from your HMI that way. I think your problem is that your altivars are not all set up the same. If you are using the same code for modbus that we worked on last time, & it works on the other machine, it won't be the code.! I am not too familiar with the ATV312, but think they are similar to the others, so can you copy the parameters to te HMI & download to the oes that don't perform the same?
  4. NMEA Sentence parsing in PLCs

    I did this a couple of years ago with an Omron PLC, think it was a brick as well as a CJ2. I will have to check. All it was doing was reading data from the serial buffer, the GPS outputted a serial stream every 100ms that I read & split. I will try & find the code to refresh & post what I can.
  5. Automatic parking system

    Really? Right click on your program task & add section.
  6. Automatic parking system

    No, you can create sections which contain your blocks like you have done in RS500. You do not need to call these sections though, CX-Programmer scans them automatically.
  7. Automatic parking system

    CX-Programmer implements sub-routines differently than RS500. To the same as you have done in RS500, just create ladder sections in the order you wish them to be scanned. The PLC will automatically scan them as one consecutive program, whereas RS500 you could call a subroutine multiple times....
  8. convert 2 numbers into strings and CONCAT 2 strings

    Crossbow makes an interesting point, why do you need to read the data as a string? Is it a requirement of the OPC server, or the application? What is your intent for this? There may be better ways to achieve the same thing without conversions... FET-Convert.cxp
  9. convert 2 numbers into strings and CONCAT 2 strings

    Attached an example of converting Hex data to ASCII I do not think the CJ1M had pure string capabilities. What do you need the string for? Writing to a CF, HMI, Printer..? I have used this style for writing to serial printers, CF cards etc. Has required a bit more work than the attached, but this would be a starting point for you.
  10. big Wonderware migration

    I am not sure if the migration from V7 to V10.6 is that easy. You may need to do a couple of intermediate steps between versions to get there. Speak to your WW agent to be sure. I would be looking at getting a historian to save your data rather than the CSV files too
  11. Old post I know.., Is my opinion that the industrial world will not need IPv6 for some time. My understanding us that IPv6 is all about devices connected directly to the Internet. Whilst there are plenty of industrial devices already connected to the Internet, these are via a modem/router of some description, some cases even cell dara modems. It is these devices that need to be IPv6 on the Internet side, the LAN side can be IPv4 for ever.. Have you seen/heard of any PLC vendors supporting IPv6? I have not & suspect they do not see the need.
  12. CJ2M master and CJ1M slaves

    But, if you only want the data to a central computer, there is no need for the DataLinks. Unless, you want to share data between PLC's for control or something...? What are you using on the PC to connect to the PLC's?
  13. Custom HMI App on an iPad or Tablet PC

    What features does Intouch have, we use it extensively but not aware of the mobile features for phones....?
  14. CJ2M master and CJ1M slaves

    My interpretation of what the OP asked is that he wants to read data from each PLC into a single PC. A simple way of doing this with what he has is to just read via serial. His approach was to read from each PLC into a 'concentrator', then have a single PLC provide the data to the PC. I guess it depends on the length or runs to each PLC from the PC? If he has Ethernet adjacent to the PLC's, he could just use a serial server instead. That would be a cheaper option than ETN's & changing the CPU's. Whilst I agree, Ethernet based CPU's would be better, but it sounds like this is an existing setup that the OP is working with.
  15. Index Registers

    Hello Experts, What happens in the Omron world when an Index register tries to address a location that does not exist? ie. If I have a offset of 10000 from D25000, then the theoretical location is D35000, which as far as I know, does not exist in any of the Omron PLC's. In the AB world, this sort of thing faults the processor from memory. I have tried this, and I do not get any errors whatsoever, and of course, proper technique and error checking should be installed to prevent this from ever happening as well!! Just wandering, that is all....
  16. CJ2M-CPU31- CP1E-NA ethernet/IP data share

    Welcome back PDL
  17. CP1H pulse flags problem

    Only if your default timer/counter mode is BCD. You can change it to BIN.
  18. SoMachine

    VMWare Workstation, adaptor set to Bridged directly to NIC. VM IP set to DHCP, static etc, tried everything. The VM is the only thing we suspect could be the cause, but as everything is pingable & the Web Server is accessible, it should work.
  19. absolute value calc in floating point

    What PLC? If a CJ2 you could do it in a structured text routine. If a CJ or CP then you could do it in an FB with ST.
  20. multi paralell word stack and fifo issue cj2m

    Wow Michael, you have even used the original method of Indirect addressing! Personally, I almost always use Indirect addressing for this sort of thing, just makes it easier to maintain for me, & to fully customise what you need to do.
  21. Send Email from PLC( CJ2H-CPU64-EIP)

    The EIP version cannot send email by default, the CJ1W-ETN21 can though.
  22. Send Email from PLC( CJ2H-CPU64-EIP)

    How are the parameters changed?
  23. Send Email from PLC( CJ2H-CPU64-EIP)

    Do you have a SCADA that is connected to PLC that could send the email instead? I know it can be done in the PLC, just think you would have more options with a SCADA..
  24. Try the environment variables as mentioned above
  25. ETN TCP/IP Socket Speeds

    So have just had to get Modbus/TCP running as the Serial mode was susceptible to a lot of noise. Didn't take too long, which was a bonus, but using the FB's from MyOmron took a bit of tinkering... The examples didnt work straight away as expected Anyway, after some testing changing timers etc, managed to get it to work reliably (for now). Still need to put in error handling on socket closures etc, but will do some reading & come back to that.