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  1. iQ Works Q & A

    Something I discovered when installing the navigator part of IQ works: Navigator has an updated tag database (modified MXChange?) that doesn't like the MX Change installed with IEC Developer 7.03 and crashes during install. No useful message was given during the crash just "path not found". This might just affect the Japanese version. But if anyone has trouble when Navigator is released globally, try uninstalling the old MX Change database (you might also need to remove registery entries that refer to MX Change). Also I found that the MX OPC Server version 6 can't import tags from the new Navigater database. I hope they issue a new OPC Server compatible with Navigator...
  2. MES Interface-it

    I didn't know that the module allowed communication with other PLC systems. Please can you describe this function more? Or give the model number of the module and/or software? Regards
  3. iQ Works Q & A

    iQ Works was formally released in Japan on the first of July, retail price 220,000 yen. Mitsubishi are running a campaign here which will run till the end of the year, charging only 50,000 yen. So I expect many integrators here will start changing over to the new software soon. The iQ Works package includes; Navigator GX Works2 GT Works3 MT Works2
  4. iQ Works Q & A

    In GX Works 2 is it possible to pass a function block to another function block via a variable input? IEC Developer allows you to select a function block as the data type for a VAR IN/OUT in the header of a function block. But then it tells you that it is impossible when you check or build the function block. If we could pass function blocks to other function blocks, it would make life soooo easy.
  5. Am I doing something wrong with LD= instruction

    Try LD= D0 D1 instead of LD= Do D1
  6. iQ Works Q & A

    Our local sales rep and a sales engineer from Mitsubishi came to visit us recently about the latest developments on the IQ platform. I quizzed them about the release date for GX Works2 here in Japan. There response was very vague "...sometime this summer...". It has been a very long wait for the lovechild of GX Developer and IEC Developer to arrive so I really hope it is bug-free and useable. I have a few questions that I hope people with a demo version can answer (the guy I met from Mitsubishi didn't have the detailed knowledge). Q1 What is GX Works2 like when online with the PLC? Slow like IEC Developer or fast like GX Developer? Q2 Does GX Works2 have the SFC programming language from GX Developer or the horrid excuse for SFC from IEC Developer? - If it is the GX Developer version, does it keep the control/status bits for each SFC Block so that a block can be started/held/aborted from another SFC or ladder program? Q3 Is the compiled program a single file like in IEC Developer or does GX Works2 make use of the Q series' ability to have multiple program files? Q4 Are there any new features that weren't present in either GX Developer or IEC Developer?