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  1. Thanks Crossbow.  I did a full removal (including using the remover tool) and reinstall. But.....same issue.  I'm getting ready to call Omron again.  Axle
  2. Checked language settings....all seem to be correct.  I checked tools>option from the main menu but then got a message immediately saying Sysmac Studio is shutting down due to an application error.  Same error when I tried again.  Something is wrong with my install.  Called Omron and they never heard of this problem(s).  They suggested doing a CX One remover and re-install all the software.  I'm friggin way!  I'll deal with it.  Maybe the next update will clear things up.  Omron said the next update is scheduled for April end.
  3. I'll have a look at it in the morning.  Thanks for the advice Michael.
  4. The hyphens (dashes) in Sysmac Studio have been replaced by ASCII "boxes."  Anyone having this problem?  See attached screenshot. Sysmac Studio 1.220.80, Windows 7
  5. BCD to Binary - Double Word Conversion CPM1A

    200Thanks for the advice BobB. Footprint is extremely tight....and what we have in stock is also a point I need to weigh in. We have C20's (ick), CPM1/2, C200H's, and CJ1's on our production floor and stocked. I wanted to go with the CJ1 initially but after loading up the stack with I/O's, I'd be out of room, not to mention the special high speed counter I need in my application. The CPM2A-30 gives me the tight footprint and an RS 232 port which will be connected to the QuickPanel. Regards, Axle
  6. BCD to Binary - Double Word Conversion CPM1A

    I am incrementing a counter. Counter is expressed in BCD (1 word only). To get a count greater than 9999, I am incrementing a secondary counter that increments every 10,000 parts counted. In other words, when the primary counter reaches 9999BCD, then I increment secondary counter by one, reset the primary counter, then start counting again. For the total count in BCD, I multiply 9999BCD with the secondary counter number then add the primary counter number. This gives me a total part count in double word BCD. However, I need to convert the double word BCD to BIN so that the Quickpanel can read properly.....Now, as I am writing this and review your questions, it reminded me of something I learned a few weeks ago while studying the QuickPanel manual. For every tag defined, you need to enter the address AND the data type...that is, integer, bit, etc. Well, lo and behold, there is also one for 32-bit BCD. So, although I found a solution, it probably would not have been found if I did not bounce the ideas of of you guys. BTW, I have already decided to go with the CPM2A as an upgrade since it allows BINL and has an RS232 port which frees up my peripheral port. LIFE IS GOOD Thanks much Axle
  7. BCD to Binary - Double Word Conversion CPM1A

    Yes, the BCD number can get as high as 10 million. This number will represent number of parts produced in a batch. Then, I have to convert the 2 BCD words to 2 BIN words for QuickPanel read. The QP is expecting 2 words in binary format. Regards, Axle
  8. Hi folks! Is there a long-hand way to do BINL (double BCD to double BIN) conversion in the CPM1A? CPM1A only has the BIN instruction. Regards, Axle
  9. CPM1A High Speed Counter - Decrement

    At first, I didn't think that would do the trick in my particular situation but after banging my head against the wall a few times and a couple of hours later, I made your idea work. Thanks much Jay! Regards Axle
  10. CPM1A High Speed Counter - Decrement

    Hi all, I'm in the process of converting a Shihlin AX0N PLC to Omron CPM1A. The AX ladder uses an HSC at input x000 similar to Omron's version of HSC's. The HSC in the AX can be setup for increment OR decrement counting. And in my case, it is setup for decrement. The Omron doesn't seem to allow for decrement unless you have some type of 2-phase encoder. All I have is one pulse (proportional to rpm) from the machine. I tried running the Omron HSC by pulsing the B-phase (input 01) but it seems that I have to have the A-phase in order for the CPM1A to interpret the direction. So, is there any way to use the CPM1A HSC in decrement mode? Any work-arounds? I'm not sure what max pulse frequency I will be needing but from what I can tell, it will be minimum 500Hz. I was thinking about using the standard counters, but my cycle time is about 2ms right now and I may end up missing some pulses if I have to go higher than 500Hz. Fun fun fun. Axle
  11. HSC C235 and its assigned D memory

    Good grief, I feel like a noob...actually, I am :p I didn't get much help from the programming manual especially in the area of preset and actual...but I knew you guys would be able to straighten me out. Thanks much! Axle
  12. First timer on MrPLC. Great site! Thanks all. Inherited Shihlin PLC AX0n. Bought GX Developer to upload ladder. Planning on converting the ladder to Omron. I ran into an obstacle. HSC C235 is being used to count speed by measuring peak phase currents of one phase using hall sensor (i think anyways). No matter. C235 is declared at the beginning of the ladder. M8000 ------- (C235 D5) The next rung starts one of these STL thingys. Seems to be a small subroutine that is executed whenever S61 is true. -------[sTL S61] Within the STL is a series of D words being manipulated...and that are related to C235. M8000--------[MOV K93 D5] "and yes, it is MOV, not DMOV" M0-----------[DMOV C235 D30] M24----------[DMOV D5 C235] Q. Why is C235 being used to move data when D5/D6 would also work? And why is D5/D6 being moved to C235 when it is literally the same words? Am I missing something here? I would just like to convert the above lines into something like this (Omron CPM1A ladder....eeek!...laying around in parts room syndrome) always on--------PRV 0 0 DM5 "HSC declaration, input 00" STEP routine starts here always on--------MOV #00 and #93 to DM6 and DM5 respectively IR200.00-------------XFER #2, DM5 DM30 "block transfer, 2 words" IR202.04-------------but here I get stumped? why should I follow the programmer's ladder and move DM5 to the HS counter, when it is already there? I know that this is not alot of information's kinda hard to give the whole picture. Any insight would greatly be appreciated. Regards,