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  1. I just did this last week. migrated a .pva from a PV600 to a PV Plus 700 with FactoryTalk View. Import went flawlessly... Only "issue" was the alarm banner - the trigger needed adjustment. But the whole process etc is described here: Migrating PanelView Standard Applications: http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/ap/2711p-ap001_-en-p.pdf
  2. Thanks. Let me get some data first. Have a great weekend!
  3. I do have some kind of PID: at the end of the line it counts the PPM, but as you pointed out the response time is too long. There is not tight control needed, except a minimum line speed. But I will take the few hints you guys have given me and will evaluate. Thanks :)
  4. Well, to me it looks ike everything is controlled thru the PLC. The HMI Panelview 1000 (not PLUS) writes the percentage straight into the registers. The machine ramps up automatically and the scale is not linear, unfortunately. I think I have an idea, -OP types in 760PPM -if PPM is != 760 ( but not less than 700(= minimum speed) add 1% until PPM=760. The reason why I ask you guys is: how would you do it?
  5. Hello there, steadily learning here with a bunch of SLC 5/04's. AB is new country for me, and I thought I'd ask for some help. :D I am currently working on a project, where operators type in a percentage, which is a MAGIC UNIT (according to the programmer). This percentage is scaled to an analog output, which controls a hydrolic pump, which then propells a conveyor ( I guess a 100hp e-motor was too big ;) ). The speed is measured in PPM ( parts per minute). Minimum PPM and Target PPM are already on the SLC. So what I am trying to do here is: Map this % to the PPM. I have a minimum line speed and a target speed. Idea here is, that the conveyor ramps up to minimum speed (let's say 50% = 500PPM) But target speed is 700PPM. They type in 700 and the machine ramps up. So How can I map the speed, that when they type in Target Speed 700PPM, it speeds up to that PPM? I don't want to use that % as line speed unit, I want actual PPM as unit. And at 700PPM, but only once reached that number, I want the OP to be able to run faster than that if he wants to. HMI is an AB Panelview 1000. THis is rather simple, but my lack of experience makes this more complicated than it probably is. :D Thanks for your help, guys.
  6. FX3U and DC Motor

    Thanks guys, but I have a few issues hooking it up to the PLC. Where do I connect the motor? Lets say Y10-Y13, but how do I program this? First time I am working with a motor and PLC, thus those stupid questions ;)
  7. FX3U and DC Motor

    Hi all, I have a simple 24V DC motor, which I want to control with a FX3U32. The drive gets the power from the PLC. What I want to do: the motor is supposed to drive to 5 positions. To determine those positions, there are 3 mechanical switches which get activated through a wheel which is attached to the DC motor. Via a GOT1000 I want to manually drive the motor to each single position, which is determined by the actuated position-switches. How would you program this? The switches are hooked up to X10, X11 and X12 and get actuated correctly. But my issue is, that I want to drive the motor clockwise and counter-clockwise. How can I realize that? Thanks for your help
  8. Ascii conversion

    Nice one, that is quite handy for me as well. Thanks, Crossbow.
  9. Need to send ASCII code via com port

    Yes, that does work!
  10. iQ Works Q & A

    How can I trigger certain functions? I think in GX Developer it was called Device test And in Gx Developer I was able to change functions on the fly why monitoring them with "F4" on the keyboard. Now I have to actually write it by clicking the Write-to-PLC button. Maybe I just don't get it.
  11. FX3U-ENET send / recieve how

    Download this: JY997D18101-D 6.24MB PDF FX3U-ENET Users Manual http://www.meau.com/eprise/main/sites/publ...amp;ManualType= There are examples. They work, that's what I am using. The RS485-ADPs are addressed by the RS2-instruction and setting M842x. No need of a From/To instruction.
  12. iQ Works Q & A

    Can't find the download on meau.com yet for it though. Well, I work with 1.24... Gotta cell'em up. Thanks for the info
  13. iQ Works Q & A

    What's the most up2date version?
  14. Version Control for GX Developer

    Thanks, guys. Appreciate it. I think I'll then just get GX Works2.
  15. Version Control for GX Developer

    Mmh, you mean MELSOFT GX Works2? http://www.meau.com/eprise/main/sites/publ...tware/GX_Works2