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  1. ABB Drive ACS 800

    Hi Everybody I hope someone could clarify me on this issue. We have an ACS 800 ABB Drive for 400 kW motor (Cabinet Built). When it is powered only, there is a transformer Trafomic TNR 26492 that smells (like burning). I would like to know for what purpose is this transformer. If it operates for 10 mins, we get alarm ACS 800 temp i.e. IGBT overheat. Can someone suggest what test and action may be required Thanking you beforehand.

    Hi Everybody, We have a PCWIN ver 4.20 running on a PC. The PC is presently erratic and wish to transfer the project to a new PC. Would be please explain the procedures to transfer the Project to another PC. Thanks
  3. Interlink two RTU

    Hi Everybody I need to interlink two RTU which is (i) 200 meters and (ii) 400 meters between two lifting station. What methodology is best suited and cost effective to interlink the two RTU. The RTU's communicate with each other and the master station we can also control, monitor and viewing alarms. Also is Modbus/TCP appropriate? Thanking you in advance.
  4. Thanks a lot lot Rod for your reply. The wonderware id installed on supervision PC and the report pc installed only Windows XP with office. The data from the supervision PC is retrived from the recipe file (.csv) and is transfered to an excel file on the report PC. Thanks & Kind Regards.
  5. Hi everybody, On a WWTP, we have a supervision station on which is installed the Wonderware Software and another PC which is a report station. My problem is that actually the data from the supervison station is being transfered to the report station at 06.00 hrs P.M and now we need to change that time to 08.00 hrs a.m. I would be glad if someone can help me on this problem. Thanks & Kind Regards.