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  1. Hi I am currently working on a project using a panelview plus 1000 and and a compactlogix plc. Over the last week i have been testing on my lap top using the test function on ME and the using the RSLogix Emulator 5000 Chassis Monitor without any problems. The panelview (PV) has now arrived but unfortunately the plc is already in use on the process as we are completing and upgrade of the HMI. I have set up the IP address on the PV, downloaded the application - replacing comms once i had set the comms to point to the emulation PLC. On the panel view i get the following message:- 'CIP connection (0) open rejected (Error 3120101) on route cip=1:14:53:13:32 in slot 14 of the virtual b*' - space ran out to display any more of the message. I have been onto support who say what i have done should work.the only thing he suggested was moving the emulator processor to slot 1 but RS linx is fixed in there. Any help would be most appreciated. RGDS alan