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  1. Hi, Excel spreadsheets seem to be very popular for project management, but it's better to also use an ERP software. Regarding  automatically generated PLC code, I use a tool that I wrote in Visual Basic, and the data is entered in Excel. It saves me a lot of time, like a the equivalent of 8 hours coding the "skeleton" of the PLC program done in seconds. I also automated part of the HMI code.
  2. It seems that it can be done:  https://www.reddit.com/r/PLC/comments/54vxqu/autogenerate_plc_code/?st=iza2xr4g&sh=a35af8e9
  3. What this has to do with code generation using Excel?
  4. I usually post at the plcs.net forum. That's why.
  5. No problem, Steve. However, I joined the forum back in 2008. Is that being a "relatively new user"?
  6. File Name: Code_Generation.pdf File Submitter: Elcan File Submitted: 18 Jun 2013 File Category: Manuals, Tutorials An introduction on how to use Excel macros to create RSLogix 5000 code. Click here to download this file
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    An introduction on how to use Excel macros to create RSLogix 5000 code.
  8. TelePace and C programming.

    A guy with Control Microsystems replied with this: Our controllers have the ability to execute ladder logic (.lad) and C code (.abs) simlutaneously. This is what you appear to have. And unfortunately, you are correct; you need the source C code to see what the compiled .abs file is actually doing. There is no way to uncompile the .abs file to recover the source code. There is no work around for not having the source C code unless you know what the C code is doing and then duplicating this functionality in the ladder logic code.
  9. TelePace and C programming.

    Hi all, I have to deal with an old project a former fellow employee created, and now he's gone and I was not able to find the related documentation. The PLC is a ScadaPAck LP. The project consists in a ladder program (*.lad file) that I was able to open in Telepace, a *.csv file with the registers and its values, a *.cpa file that I was able to open in Information Designer, and a *.abs file. On internet I found out that the abs file is a compiled C program. Here is where my doubts arise: 1. Do I need the source file (a *.c file) in order to see what the code does, don't I? I believe I cannot retrieve the source file from the compiled file (I hope I am wrong). 2. Do the ladder program and the C program work together in the PLC? I would appreciate if someone could shed a light on this. 3. If I am not able to get the source C code, is there a work around for this? The PLC is on the client site, but they will collaborate with us. Thank you very much for your help!
  10. Hi, I want to use a memory module 1764-MM1 to transport a PLC program between Micrologix 1500 PLCs (1764 LRP). 1. How do I copy the original program from the PLC to the memory module? 2. How do I copy the program from the memory module to an empty PLC? Thank you very much!