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  1. PLease let me know whether i can communicate using PCMCIA communication card? can i connect this card to TSXP57103 module and can i use modbus protocol to read /write data to/from PLC ..... please help me please give me the documents
  2. Then please let me know how can i go about this communication using SDS... please reply soon
  3. Hi everybody .... this is keerthi I need an immediate help from you people Brief Description about my project :- I am using Modicon premium Schneider PLC , which is having TSXP57103 communication module in this module it as 2 ports ( TER and AUX) and no other means of communication links other than this 2 ports. I used TER port to communicate with PC by using PL7 (version 4.3) software through UNi-TELWAY driver which is configured such as :- UNITELWAY 's configuration-> 1)COM port:- COM1 2)uniteway slave address- BASE=1, number=3 3)baud rate=9600 4)self adaption-use(ticked) data bits=8 parity=odd stop bits=1 5) RTS/CTS delay (un ticked) 6)Link type --- UNITEWAY 7)other NUMPLC (un ticked) link timeout= -1 RX/TX delay= -1 CABLE USED: ( Between PLC and PC) TSXPCX1031 having a switch which can be position to either 0 (TER Multi) , 1 (other Multi ) , 2 (TER Direct) or 3 ( other Direct). In my project i am using switch position 0( TER Multi) One end of this cable goes to PLC's TER port and other end to PC's physical COM port (COM1) which is having default parameter settings RESULT:- I am sucessfull in establishing the communication with PL7 software PROBLEM Now in my project there is a change in the requirment Requirment is , i should use VIRTUAL COM port instead of Physical COM port ( ie.. i want to change COM1 to some other COM number) ,this VIRTUAL COM ports are created using SERIAL DEVICE SERVER(SDS) ABOUT SERIAL DEVICE SERVER(SDS) :- This SDS which i am using is MOXA NPORT 5410. NPort 5410 provides a convenient and transparent way to connect serial devices to an Ethernet,it can transparently transmit data bi-directionally between the serial and Ethernet interfaces. one end of this SDS is having RS232 and other end is ethernet link which we can connect to PC In RS232 end we can connect PLC( it is a serial device) through TSXPCX1031 cable. PROBLEM is like this:- Once i create Virtual COM port using SDS and connect PLC to PC using SDS and TSXPCX1031 cable and RUN the PL7 software ( with corresponding configuration changes in UNITEWAY driver , like COM port setting to be matched with VIRTUAL COM and also VIRTUAL COM port parrameter setting are made same as that of physical COM port's) once i give connect command in PL7 software , software waits for some time and give the message "NOT POSSIBLE TO ESTALISH THE PHYSICAL LINK WITH PLC ADDRESS SYS VIA DRIVER UNTLW01." My experiments to solve this problem: i changed the communication parameter setting in SDS and Unitelway drive (all possiblities) and also i changed cable switch position ( all possiblities) , but still failure in communication with PLC. even for that matter when i changed the physical com port other than COM1 and connect directly with proper communication parameter set ,then also i could'nd communicate SO please help me in solving this problem, please and if possible let me know whether i can communicate with this PLC module(TSXP57103) using MODBUS protocal please guide me if possible with manuals having protocol explained in detail THANKING YOU people in advance