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  1. Following queries regarding a Control Logix SIL 2 System and panel Computers: 1. We are designing a redundant Control Logix system with redundant IOs which will be SIL 2 certified. Now we require 2 digital input modules (1756-IB16D) for our inputs. The inputs need to be time stamped so we are using 2 additional SOE modules(1756-IB16ISOE) for achieving this. These SOE modules are in addition to the already present diagnostic digital input modules. This satisfies the SIL 2 requirement of wiring one sensor to two different inputs as stated in ‘1756-rm001_-en-p Using ControlLogix in SIL2 Applications Manual’. We also need to provide redundancy to these IO modules. For that we have added two additional 1756-IB16D to serve the purpose. Please suggest that keeping in view the SIL2 and IO redundancy requirements, do we need to add two additional SOE modules in addition to the first set of SOE modules as well or the two 1756-IB16D modules (making the first pair of 1756-IB16D redundant) will serve the purpose of IO redundancy and SIL 2 requirements. Please not that in the later case the SOE modules will be used for time stamping of both the sets of 1756-IB16D modules. 2. Similarly for analog inputs we are using one 1756-IF6I. Now we are adding one additional 1756-IF6I module to make system SIL2 and then another one is added for redundancy. Do we require this third module or the IF6I added for SIL 2 will be sufficient for redundancy as well keeping the SIL 2 requirements in mind. 3. Can the ControlNet 1784-PCIC communication interface card be used in AB Panel Computers providing half length PCI slot or do we need any other module to communicate with panel computers with half length PCI slot over Control Net? 4. Are the L6 series CLX processors SIL 2 Certified now. Similarly is Version 16 of RSLogix 5000 SIL2 certified? 5. Can we use Prosoft MV156-MCM module in IO chasis of a SIL2 system? Regards Junaid
  2. Hi Ken, Thanks for your reply. Can you please provide me the input and output polled data size for MM300 or any other way to create EDS file for this device. Regards, Junaid
  3. According to my project topology, I desire to communicate Motor Manager MM300 (GE Multilin Brand) with Rockwell PLC (ControlLogix 1756-L63) through device net Scanner (1756-DNB). In this regard, I require bellow information. 1. EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) File For MM300 (I require this file to recognize the said hardware on DeviceNet Network). 2. MM300 CPU Module DIP Switch Settings for Device Net (Refer to page #133&134 of “MM300 MOTOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – INSTRUCTION MANUAL”, only settings for DIP Switch 1 and 2 are available) Regards, Junaid Ul Islam