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  1. Factory Talk ActiveX Error

    Any object other than ActiveX Control.
  2. Factory Talk ActiveX Error

    I've seen something similar. I elect to not use ActiveX controls for this reason. My first "gotcha" was several years ago with RSView32. I developed a program at work on my computer and it worked great. When I got to the customer's computer... no ActiveX, no reason why, no indication of where to look. The ActiveX I used was on my system buried in the Windows database files that the customer's computer didn't have. Once I found out what it was (horror show), I found that the only ways to get it to run on the customer's computer was to buy a full blown Windows Office to get the ActiveX, or take the ActiveX control outout. Since then I can not get myself to use them. I don't want to base the runability on a unrelated program that I cannot control.
  3. Factory Talk View Paste

    I have many objects in Factory Talk View that I can cut and paste and the location on the screen is retained as per the original. In other objects (or groups) they are not retained. Can anyone lead me to the parameters that are keeping the object location from being retained? Objects or groups that do not retain location are always pasted in the upper left corner of the screen. I found now that if I move the original group 1 pixel, I can cut it and it will paste back to the correct location instead of the upper left corner. None of the properties change. So Weird.
  4. RSLogix500 "Key"

    I think you can share a networked 3-1/2 inch drive also.
  5. PV Plus Maintained PB Reset

    Reset them with a first scan in the PLC.
  6. Dialer for Compact Logix Alarms

    Dial out with the Compact Logix on a modem.
  7. Help with Timer (ML1500)

    You should use the /tt bit of the timer. It sounds like you may be adding 5 to the timer on each scan of the rungs where the integer is greater than 0. If that is the case you need a flg bit so that each of the "add 5" rungs is only performed once.
  8. Math question !

    Cool ... But I think you have to add 1 to it.
  9. Factorytalk View Studio

    You can also apply visibility animation to buttons (and such) using the visibility expression like this: CurrentUserHasCode( A) OR CurrentUserHasCode( B)
  10. RSView32 Time & Date Stamp

    It sounds like you want to create an EVENT. Those are one of the logic selections the "expression" is what triggers the event and the "action" would be a set command. (writes a value to a tag) I think this can also be a string. Even if you have to create a "derived tag" to concatenate the string you will have to trigger the running of the derived file with an "event"... I think.
  11. ML1400 vs Compactlogix L23E

    as far as the "voltage only" inputs: we commonly use these with a 499ohn precision resistor across the inputs. This causes the current transmitter to develop the proper voltage for a voltage input. 20 ma across 500ohms is 10 volts. 4 ma is 2 volts.
  12. Tech Connect

    I just found one and right clicked it. I did a "save link as" then in the save window I changed the file type from "Microsoft Word document" to "all files", then changed the file extension from ".doc" to ".pdf". Once the file was downloaded I changed it back to a ".doc". I don't know if this will work for you or if it will still recognize the file as a Word document.
  13. Yeah the Current threw me off at first too. but a lower high end makes sense in that case because the spec'ed current range is 0-21 ma.
  14. 0-10.5 volts is correct by the specification. I don't understand the counts difference though. That seems very odd. Have you checked the configuration word? I suppose nothing in your program is limiting it... Are the over range flag bits coming on?
  15. Function Block Help

    Did you look at BNOT?