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  1. Citect and Micrologix1100

    Thank you for your reply ,the new micrologix driver ist free to download rom the Citect Website ABMLXEIP- this is the name ,my problem ist I havent any manuals and knoladgebase documentation about this driver ,sure i do something wrong .
  2. Citect and Micrologix1100

    Hello I try to connect ML1100 with Citect 6.00 ,have downloadet the driver for ML1100 (DF1 and Ethernet) with DF1 driver havent any problems but with the Ethernet driver i havent success.I tryieng to connect for one week I do something wrong ,is there some manuals abaout this driver?
  3. MOVs To Protect Outputs

    ok,transistor for example NPN with relay between colector and +VDC in this case the diode is compulsory! Why?because we have a inductive load and thats induts a inductive overvoltage peak -500v for 2ms and the transitor will be damage!sure! With the diode to the relay, in teh OFF time (1-2ms) we have a over voltage with opposite polarity,and in this moment the diode is conductive this is a secret (Faradey and Lentz laws) if we have reley to reley circuit where is a sense with the diode.the diode is a transistor guardian sorry for my horryfied english
  4. MOVs To Protect Outputs

    So the intrface ralays for 24DC are with current in the range 5-20ma (coil current) .the new 1000A contaactors are with electronic control PCB with optocopler isolated inputs -current<10ma, the choise of 1N4001 diode is recommendet when we have a PLC with transistors outputs. In my aplicationen i have the faellow power suply 220V/220volt transormer to the 24Vdc electronic powersuply (Omron,IFM,or Sitop) the 24Vdc is for the PLC and all of interface,relays ,contactors i think this is a classic configuration
  5. MOVs To Protect Outputs

    He has a relay ouput ,diodes across the isolation relays are used with transistor outputs.
  6. Heating Up Water

    From my expirience 3kw is inaff! or 6kw with SSR control
  7. Automatic closing alarm display.

    thats a great idea ,thanks a lot
  8. Automatic closing alarm display.

    I vave the same queastion with PV300 and ML1200
  9. PV+600 & Compactlogix

    are you changing the Tag adress node in the PV600?
  10. ML1200 and errorcode 21h

    I hope , my post was helpfull best regards Alex
  11. ML1200 and errorcode 21h

    thank you for all replyes ,the Allen-Bradley gyes was today in my office ,the device is defect -the firmware IC was the problem .....the problem is solved Thank you verry mutch one more time Alex
  12. ML1200 and errorcode 21h

    hmm intersting ...i have communication only with my Notebook (RSlinx classic) and thahts work good. Is it possible if my rslinx communication settings are wrong??? any ideas?
  13. ML1200 and errorcode 21h

    the program is no the problem ,i downoladed 10 differents ML1200 (for the same base) programs -without result, I wrote a few new "programs" only 1 rung (latch and unlatch)-without results ,the same situation!!! i think the device has a hardware problem ,have another ML1200,(the same unit),with them all working perfect .
  14. ML1200 and errorcode 21h

    without results.......
  15. ML1200 and errorcode 21h

    i haven"t any expansion modules ... hier the processor settings the firmware version is 11.0 series "C" ,revision "H" aaa.RSS