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  1. micromaster 440 control

    I have a driver, siemens micomaster 440. I want to control a 3phase induction motor with this inverter via PC using MATLAB. I think there are a few method for this such as profibus, RS-485, USS etc. Which one is better? And I will send data which involves speed,direction, start, and stop info. which data sholud I send? I don't know structure of data. For instance, 1. byte = direciton 2.byte = speed .... .... n.byte.
  2. OB,FB, etc. struture

    Thanks everybody I will examine....
  3. OB,FB, etc. struture

    Im new with Siemens. I couldnt understand OB,FB, etc. blocks structures and couldn't find using of these in manuels. How will I use these blocks when I generate a new program? Help please... Sorry I haven't indicated that I will use S7-300 so I've Step7 software
  4. FX3

    Function 67 is RAMP function. And you can find this manuel in downloads.
  5. Memory areas

    I know I,Q,C,T,M but What are the memory area "L" , "D" and others in the programming applications? How can I find this terms in programming manuel? Icoldn't find...
  6. Hi, I will control a D.C. motor with a FX2 PLC.Im using GX Developer. This motor start to run with acceleration. (Firstly slow and it will speed up with a ramp in 2-3 seconds). And motor will be slow down end of this motion. (This motion's Velocity-Time curve will be similar with y=X^2 function.) I know smoothly data operation in GX. How can I do with GX Developer, Which function can I use? Thanks for helps...
  7. Resetting a SFC program

    I ve post an example about blocks.There are 2 blocks. One of them is SFC and other is ladder. Ladder is General Control. Im using ZRST instruction in this ladder and its resetting SFC's steps. general_control.bmp
  8. Compare applications

    Hi homer, you can use in-line comparisons. In this compare, you can use K,H,K, KnX, KnY, KnM, KnS, T,C,D,V,Z. For ins. [= T0 D15]-------------() (Assume that Data15=2000 and T0 is 100ms timer) regards, untitled.bmp
  9. Resetting a SFC program

    Hi waus Im using GX Developer. but I don't know differences betwen GX and GX IEC. Im using zrst ınstruction.Firstly I build a general Control near the SFC blocks which is writing in ladder.And for example Im writing -||--------------[ZRST S0 S100] this instruction is resetting the first 100 steps
  10. "if" structures using

    Hi Waynes. Thanks for help but I coldn't have a look link that you give.I think it's have a problem...
  11. "if" structures using

    Thanks Waynes but no. I don't want to compare two statement. That was an example.I want to learn all of In-line compare statements.
  12. Downloading manuals

    JY992D48301 JY992D88101 JY997D16601 You can use these pdf names and look for in google with other key words for example FX,PLC, mitsubishi etc.
  13. ladder logic test difference in GX Developer

    Thanks Panic, But I usually use BMOV instruction for data registers D. for example directly D1,D2,etc. And I know that it is used with KnX, KnY, KnM, KnS, T,C,D, V, Z (RAM) File registers, How can I use for M bits and Outputs?
  14. ladder logic test difference in GX Developer

    Hi Crossbow, I think idea that you said is right. The problem is M bits which are not used as coils. You said that I find a solution using OR contacts. How do you use this contacts and what do you make "OR" with ? --------||---------- | X1 | |__?____|
  15. using counter with FX

    Make sure the plc is in RUN that was great!....