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  1. It's best to ask all questions in the forums.

  2. Kokomo is just as big and busy as ever. Looked the same as last week too....oh Andy and crew said hi.

  3. Super nice encoders from US Digital. Need to control your integral overshoot? No problems with 1000 PPR

  4. Wow. Sonnie Henline had a badge to GenCon. Picture to prove it this time.

  5. still trying to tinker with Inventor. Now what?

  6. This Controls Engineer has been intrigued by Inventor recently, then I tried it and Fatal Exception Error..geez.

  7. Well that should be enough emails and project management for one night. My team says I send more email than their daily spam.

  8. Robotics meeting is cancelled tonight. Please update any new students if you can for me.

  9. RT @samir13k: "I put more effort into FIRST than school" - Front Page of Herald Press

  10. Finally. Powerpoint done for kickoff this saturday. My once a year inspirational speeches.

  11. awesome new website to search flights. #hipmunk I like it allot. Simple, easy, well presented navigation.

  12. Everyone is trying out chopsticks. Its entertaining to watch.

  13. Previous tweet: its our only 3D Cad computer we have on robotics, so it has to work regardless. Go 2011 season! Barely...

  14. FREE computer server case to the first person who wants it. 28x27x10 about 40lbs. Empty inside. Letmeno.

  15. Only in Indiana does it feel good to drive with the windows down at 50 degrees.

  16. After upgrades to 4 wheel disk brakes. Mazdaspeed6 stops 20 feet shorter on a 60-0mph brake test.

  17. Just saw TRON with my whole family. It was the girls' idea. I swear. Enjoy it with them. Reminded me of the Matrix.

  18. so I cleaned the nozzle/venturi assembly on my GE water softer. The water level is still 5 on salt scale, is that ok?

  19. Our new office is complete. Lori will now officially let me mentor the 2011 build season.

  20. Christmas lights at the park hours are 6-10pm. Only Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun. Its on Bartlett St again.

  21. Today is suppose to be shopping day with my girls. I told them 7am...I guess that wasn't a good plan. They are still sleeping.

  22. I only like the chocolate and strawberry. Good thing Brianna likes the vanilla.

  23. now that FLL is officially over, and my kidney stones are gone, it's time to get serious about FRC...

  24. Having fun at the Indiana State FLL Championship. @firstlegoleague

  25. good morning! Ready to take Thunderbirds 3776 to the @firstlegoleague State Championship in Fort Wayne Indiana!