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  1. We now agreed that I can use the -600 t0 600 range for scaling with the data format two's complement binary..what scale I should use with BCD data format...I just want to understand it more.
  2. Thanks dear...In case I use The scale of 4096 I should make Raw min=-4096 , Raw max=4096 OR Raw min=0 , Raw max=4096 .
  3. quote name='Ken Moore' post='32609' date='Apr 27 2006, 03:46 AM'] Since you are adding an input to an existing I/O module, there should already be a BTR somewhere in your program, the BTR is reading data from the I/O module and storing it in a PLC register, an N file such as N9:x, The word that contains the raw value for your new input will depend on the which values were used on the BTR instruction. In my attached example I used N9:10 as the first address, so my raw input data is stored in registers N9:14-N9:29 (16 single ended inputs). If possible post your existing code, this way we can see exacltly what you have already. The 1771-IFE is a 12 bit card, so for a 0-10 Volt input, the card will have to be configured for a -10V to +10V, you will have a raw data default value of -4095 to +4095. Since your input has only positive voltage, you can change the default and get a raw value span of 0-4095. If this were a newer processor you could use the Compute (CPT) instruction to scale your raw data into engineering units, but it's not supported in the 5/25, so you will have to use two instructions, a DIV and a MUL. First divide the raw value by 4095, this will give you the percent of full scale, the since your engineering units are 0-600, multiply the percent by 600, the result will be the scaled result. See attached example.
  4. by the way it's single ended
  5. Thanks Ken 4 ur cooperation..Actually I'm trying to add an analog input to an existing analog I/O module ...yes It's 1771-IFE Module in Plc 5/25
  6. hi everyone I have a pressure transmitter which is reading 0 600 bar (0 to 10 voltage) could u please tell me how to make the complete configuration on the program.I'm using plc5 with rslogix. Thanks
  7. HI 4 all While I'm trying to upload from PLC5 I get the error: Upload error Command cmd 0xf , fnc 0x69 Ext sts=0x07 illegal size Section=? , File=368 then I can't go online.
  8. thank you very much for your help
  9. HI I'm using PlC5/20 when I click on setup screen on the BTR block (to view the analog input configuration) i find the following message: No modules exist in the IOconfiguration for this R/G/M however the analog input signals is running properly....i just want enter the setup screen for configuration.
  10. Com 1 configuring

    Just try to disable com1 then restart the pc then enable com1 again and try to use rslinx again.
  11. thank you for your reply....but i need an information on how to use them with wonderware and which servers/driver from wonderware i should need.
  12. Hello everybody Can you tell me how to communicate Allen bradley plc5/30 with Pc by DH+ to run an HMI on that PC through an OPC? also,what about the wonderware..which drivers i should need?