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  1. Serial Communication Settings

    Yes you are right, but in this case, I need to put dip switch #5 to OFF and set the PLC to Host Link in Cx-Programmer. Back to the main problem that I have: Like I said in previous post, I want to communicate with some PLC's that are already programmed and running with my Host Link driver (that I know it works well). But before that, I need to establish the PLC communication settings to the desired settings "WITHOUT" Cx-Programmer. So, I'm trying to find a setting (PLC dip switch combinason, computer serial port settings/protocol) that will allow me to communicate with these PLC's independently of their configuration.
  2. Serial Communication Settings

    Hi Sleepy Wombat, Thanks for the idea of using Portmon...that's help me to determine that CX-Programmer do not communicate in Host Link mode when dip switch #5 is ON....but in Toolbus mode as I can see from the manual : So, do you know where I can find the Command/Response formats for Toolbus ?
  3. Serial Communication Settings

    I took a screen shot of the API's settings: According to these settings downloaded from the API, I use the same communication settings as the default one. So, it doesn't matter if the dip switch #5 is ON or OFF if I want to communicate with my driver. Right ? About the driver that I'm using. It's built in LabVIEW. I also took a screen shot of the serial communication port settings: The main question is: Can a home made driver communicate with the API if dip switch #5 is ON, supposing it's using default settings, or just CX-Programme can do that ?
  4. Serial Communication Settings

    Well, if CX-Programmer use these settings and it can communicate with the PLC, why my driver that also use these settings can't communicate when the dip switch #5 is ON (default settings) ? It can only communicate when the dip switch #5 is OFF
  5. Serial Communication Settings

    I've just try it but it didn't work to. Do you know which settings Cx-Programme use to communicate with the PLC.
  6. Serial Communication Settings

    Hi BobB, I'm quite sure that my cable is ok....because I can communicate with the PLC with my driver or with Cx-Programmer. I attached the figure on how I build the cable (doc. no. W393-E1-08).
  7. Serial Communication Settings

    Hi Nibroc, Yes, you're right. But I already tried this option.....put dip switch #5 ON (default settings) and used settings specified in doc. But it didn't work. Maybe I did something wrong...I will try it again tomorrow.
  8. Serial Communication Settings

    Thank you both for your answers... Assuming that I don't know the current settings of the PLC's serial port, is there a way to communicate with it? The situation is that my software has to communicate with various PLCs that are already programmed and running... Is there some "generic" command, or any dip switch, that I can use to communicate with it in the first time...?
  9. Serial Communication Settings

    In fact my problem is at the PLC level. I need to configure the PLC itself to use Host Link with known serial communication parameters. I know that I can configure it with Cx-Programmer but assuming that Cx is not available, is there a way to do it otherwise. (I build my driver in LabView and I'm using a CJ1G CPU44H)
  10. Serial Communication Settings

    Hi, I build an Host Link driver to be able to read some memories of a CJ series PLC. But, to be able to communicate, I need to set serial parameters from Cx-Programmer before using my program. So, I want to know if it's possible to set serial communication settings (e.g.:Host Link, 9600, 7,E,2) from my computer by using a RS232 link without Cx-Programmer? Chris