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  1. hi, i want to control step motor with twido. do u have any experiences with this point. i choose TWDLMDA20DRT CPU and TWDAMI2HT analog modul. i need an example program... thanks,
  2. sms_scada

    hi, i have some problems with SMS scada software, has anybody tried to build hmi with this software including reports,trends?
  3. Afcon scada

    hi, Is there anybody working with the Afcon Pcim scada software, i have some questions about web based applications with this software.
  4. SCADA Forum

    hi, it is a good idea to open the scada forum, of course i want to join this. in this days i am looking for the person who work about SCADA in this site and it is very nice to meet you. i have started to work with the sms scada software recently. i have learned something with help guide if somebody who get projects about sms send me i will be pleasure.
  5. Sms Scada

    hi, i have seen your reply recently and thank you very much for this. i will be pleasure if you help about sms scada software. i want to do energy automation projes with this software but i have not apply before. do you have any proje with sms. it can be example for me...
  6. Sms

    i want to something about the SMS(system manager service) which is schneider's scada software. does anybody work about it.?
  7. Sms Scada

    i want to something about the SMS(system manager service) which is schneider's scada software. does anybody work about it.?
  8. hi admin, i deal with the afcon p-cim SCADA software in company. i want to learn the citect software. how can i get free vrsion of this software.
  9. hi, i am dealing with the communication between twido and afcon pcim, is a scada software program, over opc server i have provided the communication and read the value which are in the plc on pc. i couldn not write anything to plc from pc and accordingly afcon. on the other hand in the opc client i have not any trouble like this . i think it is related with the afcon pcim but i could not found the solution yet. thank you for reading
  10. Best Control Engineers?

    hi, i graduate from university as an electrical eng. recently, i have worked in automation company for six mounths and i can say that immediatedly electrical enginneers have better background for automation than mechanics, but the most important thing is desire to learn something new. secondly the experience which are gained in industry in years
  11. Opc Server

    hi i find this web site recently. is there anyone work with OPC Srv and afcon pcim which is a scada software. i want to communicate twido and scada over OPC server.