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  1. Hi All, Im looking for some allen bradley "procedures guides". I need one for ultra 3000 drives. and plc 5000. Will AB sell them to me or do i have to attend a class to get them? thanks for your help Rick
  2. Allen bradley Procedures guides

    I see the logix 5000 common procedures guides but after searching i see no other procedure guides.
  3. Good luck with your homework....your smart you will figure it out..
  4. need to display on pv 550 machine operating hours

    While mine will get the job done, yours is alot simpler.....hmmmm im going with yours Thanks
  5. Hi all, I need to track machine run time and dsiplay it on a 550 pv. I got a slc 5/04 processor. do you have any canned code you would like to share?
  6. need to display on pv 550 machine operating hours

    ok i didnt find any "canned logic" so i wrote some myself. please review and let me know if you see any issues i missed. i ran it for a day on a trainer and it looked good. UNTITLED.RSS
  7. shift register recomendations

    Hi all, I am modifying some code at work and have been pondering 1 of 2 ways to go about accomplishing my goal. Sorry i can not post the code but will describe what going on to the best of my ability. We use a bit shift register to track cartons thru a machine, at start up we use a "bitwise comparative or" to load known bad catons (due to stop/start) into the register for rejection purposes. We have identifyed another area of cartons that are bad durring stop/start and want to reject them also. I plan to set-up another "bitwise comparative or" and load this in the same shift register at thier respective place for reject. Is this a better idea then setting up a whole new shift register for tracking and reject? Slc 500 plc. Please let me know your thoughts
  8. Nicknames from the world of PLC's

    "Ten Thumbs" this is the maintenance guy who will cross thread a catchup bottle at the worst possible time, also good for melting the leads on his meter and yours if you let him use it....
  9. Steel Mill Temp position

    I personally would never work in a steel or chemical plant, i value my life over any paycheck..I have alway worked safely but who knows what Joe Blow was doing befor coming to work that day. I am by no means a union man but if i remember correctly this is a company lock out of about 2400 workers that started around Feb 28. crossing the Lock out line would be the third strike, Dont be a scab
  10. HELP! Need RSLogix V5.50 CD

    I do not condone anythig illegal at all, i dont copy or steal software.I think this sight provides great info from industry professionals. i look to this sight for help and info... but here is a question. Do you think A.B. provides the support for there products in a timely manor? consdering the prices they charge?
  11. HELP! Need RSLogix V5.50 CD

    noone asked for anything illegal... did they?
  12. HELP! Need RSLogix V5.50 CD

    Wow, R U guys a bunch of haters or what?....sales men for A.B?
  13. Comms with micro logix 1000

    Hi all, Anyone know if i can communicate with a micrologix 1000 using my 1784-pmck/b communication card, and what cable i would need? If i had a 9 pin serial port i would use 1761-cbl-pm02 series b cable. Thanks in advance Rick
  14. Free Version Of Rslinx

    Is ther a free version or trial version of rslinx on the web?
  15. whats the first pass bit micrologix1000?

    That is exactly what i plan to use it for ....THANX
  16. what is the first pass bit on a micrologix 1000?
  17. Hi Guys, I have a questions for the gurus... I have just gotten a new laptop, of coures it has no 9 pin serial port. what is the cheapest way 1. to communicate with a micrologix 1000 2. to communicate with a A.B. ultra 3000 Thanks Rick
  18. new laptop no 9pin serial port

    Yea, thats the kicker... i m not going to be using this laptop at the "real" job where they supply me with all of the essentials. This is more of a once in a while thing i provide support to a small company that can't afford a full/part time maintenance guy. So when they are stumpped i get a call. Thanks Rick