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  1. Hi there guys I am using modbus as server and having the issue that i cant use multiple outputs simultaneously if I want to use coils as outputs I have to put the value of outputs in auto refresh of modbus and if i have to use data registers then i have to use data registers in auto refresh, but simultaneously i cant use both in auto refresh because the auto refresh won,t allow as I am using modbus QJ71MT91. I can see the outputs changing in device buffer that obviously because of the default values of the ladder code but I want to see all of this in modsim32 and want simultaneous outputs coils and holding registers to be seen.  These are the IP addresses: plc CPU: (I have set the ipv4 settings with ip address that i wrote subnet mask: and default gateway: network:   I have created a ladder logic for tank filling station that is as follows What my ladder code does is that if i turn on input y80 then y100 output that is filling tank turns on and the timer for 100 sec is stored in data register D100 and if input y81 is turned on the output y101 is turned on that is discharging of tank and the timer for 100 sec is stored in D101. These are the Auto communication parameters I have set for the ladder logic code  And in order to see the outputs of either coils or data registers working these are the following parameters for auto refresh For coils   for registers Can you guys tell me how i can use both simultaneously?? and see the timer value and coil output both at the same time in modsim32? Or in general how can i use multiple outputs at the same time using modbus as server???  
  2. hi i want to setup my plc through CPU ethernet only and i want the communication to be done without the modbus tcp module can it be done without using the opc server, i dont want to use the opc server. My CPU PLC ip is and my PC ip is i am using GX works 2 can you guys let me know the procedure on how can i implement the ladder code and see the outputs on modsim 32 or modscan 32. it would be a huge help . as I have created a ladder logic simple code for understanding the concept of how it works i have a simple start stop normally open and normally closed contact and a coil . I want this to be implemented via the cpu ethernet modbus only. Can you let me know all the steps please?  
  3. But lets suppose if i use modsim 32 and as y80 represent coil 129 in modsim 32 and y81 represent coil 130 and y80 131 . so if i turn on 128coil 131 should be turned on right but it doesn't can you tell me why? and how can this ladder code be worked did i set the communication parameters right? 
  4. I agree but that factory IO setup should turn on the light right when i press the start button?  
  5. i have also tried the modsim32 it communicates with the device buffer memory in the gXworks 2 but it also doesn't pick up the code, it just turns on and of the the outputs and inputs that i turn on on modsim32 and device buffer .
  6. Actually my supervisor wants to do both master slave and slave to master communication. Right now we are not using the scada and want to build a connection by having modbus as server. As factory IO supports both and I couldn't communicate. In addition the light of Factory IO doesn't turn on as it simply doesn't pick up the ladder code . which is the main issue? Can you let me know what I am doing wrong?  
  7. I want to communicate my Q series PLC with Factory IO using GX works 2 software, I want to use modbus tcp/ip as server in factory IO and the ips are as follows plc CPU: modbus: pc: (I have set the ipv4 settings with ip address that i wrote subnet mask: and default gateway: local network: I want a start stop switch as an example and a warning light so that i get to know how the communication works as it is not working currently I have done the communication through modbus tcp/ip as client but unable to do for modbus tcp/ip as server. the ladder logic code is as follows. the addresses for y80, y81 and y82 are , QY128, QY129 and QY130 I have done some settings for automatic communication parameters that are as follows   The auto refresh settings are as follows   or the factory IO i have created the following environment the settings for driver configuration is as follows Can you let me know whats the issue here as i am unable to communicate via the factory IO with the PLC . Can you guide me in any way?