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  1. Hi there, i'm a total noob here, I have an issue with our PLC's on vessel. They are used for controlling water tight doors and giving status. There are 7 doors in total all the same inputs and outputs (door open sensor, door closed sensor, open and close buttons, low oil sensor etc, basically all DI and DO. These 7 door PLCs are connected to a the Bridge PLC which basically shows the status of all doors It feeds output to a display box which is made of of LEDs and an alarm and some things like that (I've attached a picture to help explain).  This PLC has failed and we need to re write the code. The company who produced this are a Chinese company who are no longer operating. We have all of the door PLC code which is all identical except for the station ID's (1-7). I'm trying to work out what I need to do to reference the I/O from each of the doors PLC from this "Master" station (station ID 8) once I have all the these I/O for one door it should be identical for the other 6, with only the station ID changing for each door. Can anyone please explain how to go about setting this up. Thank you.