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  1. Hi I have g120c-pn vfd and need to connect it with delta DVP plc. The plc has rs485 interface but the drive has profinet interface. Is there any way to solve it? Can it be done by using any profinet/rs485 converter? Regards 
  2. Siemens HMI tp1200 smart server activate

    The problem is that I don't have the project original files, I couldn't contact the machine manufacturer. I only can do hmi backup by prosave. And if I can activate smartserver so it can be reached by smart client on pc. Regards   
  3. Hi  Please, is it ok to activate tp1200 smartserver using automation license manager? I need to add pc station and I don't have the wincc RT file, just want to see machine operation Status from the office, no need for controlling, just watch. The project was created by Tia portal v13. Is it the best way to use smart server or there is other choices.  I really appreciate any entry from you guys.  My regards