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  1. Cx Configurator FDT issue with profibus

    Thanks Jonny, we do have the configuration files for the Danfoss drives - it is a bit vague with the profibus selection though. There's an extra set of terminals on top of the drive where the card lives for the connection and the only options you get for protocol are FC and modbus but I believe it's refering to the standard RS-485 port (also threw us as its got the same pin numbers as where the VLT2800 profibus cables went). The actual protocol selection looks like it's on the 'control source' parameter which the manual reckons is option 'A' so think the drive is set up right. Currently thinking the issue seems to be setting up the profibus master with the new configuration. For some reason it's like the CX-configurator is only half working (i.e. it can see the master/slaves but no upload/download allowed).  Called the omron guys up in Auckland but they're not too experienced with profibus either. Even updated to cx-one V4.61 and V3 for configurator but similar sort of error.  Very confounding...
  2. Cx Configurator FDT issue with profibus

    Hi guys, We're replacing a failed danfoss VlT2800 VSD with an FC280 that's running on profibus, having issues with the comms. Profibus master is a CJ1W-PRM21, PLC is a CJ2M-CPU34. Talking to the Danfoss rep it sounds like we need to add the new GSD file to the network config. I can see the master on CX-configurator FDT and shows the status of all the slave drives,  The problem is that I don't have the original config file and when I try to scan the network I get the attached error.     My thinking is that because the firmware on the master is V3.01, and the one in the client is only 2.xx it's giving me the error. Thinking I need to update the software (currently on like v2.5?). I'm pretty new to profibus so I'm not sure if this is the right line of thinking but help would be really appreciated.   Cheers