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  1. Okay just thought id ask. All attempts thus far have been both with them plugged in and unplugged.
  2. Sorry for just getting back to you all. Things picked up at the plant near the end of the day... so i did go back and double checked and with 46 to 51 all in "1", i still had 24VDC at terminal 1 at rest and while holding the start button. Im honestly lost right now. I looked theough the drawings at what that wire to terminal 4 was wired to. I am not 100% but i am fairly certain it is wired in to a disconnect  or "maintenance repair switch" near the motor. Obviously a local lock out point when sevicing the motor, conveyor, ect. Ill double check that tomorrow. Because like i said im not quite sure, things got busy later in the day. I will try and confirm that tomorrow....line should still be down tomorrow for me to try more possibilities  with the VFD.   Side question...is it absolutely necessary to disconnect the ethernets when trying to jog the drive in hand mode?
  3. The last thing i want to do is short out a perfectly good VFD. 
  4. After browsing around some more in the manual, is it possible to jump from 11 to 1 and then from 1 to 7, and then change t067 to "5"(spd+strt 2) and then have 48 and 49 in "1" (drive pot/keypad)? Or will that never work? Sorry for my ignorance. This drive runs in "rev" when in auto otherwise it seems like i could maybe do something similar with t068 and put it to 8 or 9...
  5. So 62 through 68 are all 0(not used)  I can put all 3 start/speed parameters(46-51) in 1 (drive pot/keypad) and i get nothing.    As for terminal 4....what parameter allows me to use the onboad power supply? Or does it not work like that? You may be onto something here...
  6. Other than the ethernets and obvously power wires running from the VFD to the motor itself, i have S1 S2 jumper from 1 to 11, and a wire going to terminal 4. I am currenly looking in the drawings right now for what it goes to/controls. When i remove it i get a F059.   
  7. I think thats what it is ultimately going to come down to. Unfortunately im going to have to go through them via the HIM on the one that i can run in manual. Ill start with the ones that we have talked about thus far and then literally go through them 1 by 1
  8. Im in here now with the laptop and the user manual going through 1 by 1 and have yet to see anything that could hold it out. I changed 46 through 51 all to 1 just to make sure and still nothing. But yes p2 is showing in real time as i adjust the drive pot.
  9. Okay still can not get this thing to run in manual. In fact. Theres about 50 drives in this particular cabinet and none of them will move in hand but all of them work just fine in auto. So, i looked back at what you all suggested for me to look at and here is what i found. Parameters 62-68 are all at "0" t105 is at "0" VDC at DI-1 is 24V(and jumped to "11") P006 is at "1"(running) when in auto and is at "0" when holding the start button with parameters 46 and 47 in "1"(keypad/drive pot) (im assuming bit 4 goes high when faulted because its all zeros with no faults) P393 when holding the start button is "11264"(00101100 00000000) I know this probably dosent mean much but when looking at the parameters on the laptop i can see P002( Commanded Freq) incrementing proportionally as i actuate the drive potentiometer...
  10. Thanks for the input. I will check this as well and report back as soon as i can tomorrow. You guys are very knowledgeable,  im sure we will get this figured out soon!
  11. No worries! Thank you for the detailed response. There's wires landed on safeties S1 and S2. Not sure what all is going on with them. Ill have to look wednesday. I tried on multiple drives but was only able to get that one that was by itself (not daisy chained to other VFDs) to run in hand mode.  As for CCW i will check with the Controls Engineer to see if its available or if we can download it. Im going to make my best effort to make it back to that VFD asap Wednesday (be ready for me to chime back in with my findings)  
  12. Okay that explains it some. I browsed over it in the manual but didnt have much time to really dig in. Ill be back in on Wednesday to look into it more. Ill see what they are set at. I dont have any inputs though on 2 or 3 so im doubting thats whats holding it out.... just that one on 4...
  13. What do you think about parameters t062 and t063 and to064? I dont 100% understand those 3...anyway it could be one of those?
  14. As for the status bits, im not 100% sure, i will try again next chance i get and look at those two parameters while holding the green  start button. I have the FWD/REV indicator and when pressing the toggle button it does indeed toggle from FWD to REV on the display.  I never get the RUN indication above the FWD/REV indicator on the display not do i gear the little indernal contacts/relay pull in. For the hardwired inputs, i have a wire going to terminal 4 on the front. I will have to dig deeper to see what that may go to. There is no brake on the motor. Other than the 2 safety inputs and the wire on terminal 4, the only other thing is the factort 1 to 11 jumper 2 ethernets and ofcourse power and ground out. So forwhatever reason im not able to go online with the laptop on that one drive that i was able to run in manual. I dont mind looking at a few parameters from the built in display (HIM), that you may suggest i look at, but it would be tedious to go through them one by one that way. Im not sure about that compare tool.i think it may be build into how i look at the parameters inside of Studio 5000, but again, for some reason i cant get online with the drive i was able to run in hand mode. Sounds like i may need to see what that wire on terminal 4 is, although if im jot mistaken, the VFD that i ran in hand mode had it as well but it may be getting a different signal i am unsure. Its gotta be something simple, just gotta figure out what it is exactly....
  15. Okay guys. Line is currently back down. Put parameter 46 and 47 in 1 for keypad and drive pot. Parameter 393 is still showing 00101100 00000000 (11264). Parameter 6 is all zeros.  Tried running the drive again manually...no luck.Attempted unplugging ethernets again and still no luck running the drive forwards or in reverse.  What am i missing here?