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  1. One touch tuning Servo J4 mitsubishi

    I use simple motion module and by through Simple Motion Module Setting Tool , i do the adjustment. Servo on by plc.
  2. Hi  I want to adjust servo motor but I cant .After finishing the tuning error C004 is displayed
  3. Recipe in gt designer 3

  4. Recipe in gt designer 3

    Where can iget it? I didn,t find anything on the internet
  5. Recipe in gt designer 3

    GT designer3 version 1.151H I don't think this problem is related to the software version
  6. Recipe in gt designer 3

    I have a gt2310_vtbd and i want creat recipe but i cant find Recipe from object .
  7. QD77MS4

    thanks i do and solved problem . 
  8. QD77MS4

    Hi My system : plc Q03ud , simple motion module : QD77MS4 , software : Gx works2 , Application : rotary table and unit degree I send position and speed from HMI ( got 2000 ) , my problem is that when i want send 90 degree for position ( dmov d0 u0\g2006 ) , i have to enter the 9000000 from hmi . and for speed i have similar problem Position hmi ( 9000000 ) ===>> motor rotate 90 degree  Speed hmi (100000) ==>> motor rotate with 100 degree per min