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  1. Mitsubishi Modbus protocol

    Crossbow, Thanks for the info.  I was afraid that would be case.  We have a lot of machines that will need to be done so I was hoping we wouldn't need add another module.  Off to the bank I   Thanks again.
  2. Mitsubishi Modbus protocol

    I am trying to connect our assembly process plcs to an external machine monitoring system.  The company providing the monitoring plat form needs us to enable the Modbus protocol. Basically the outside company will monitor our program and track alarms, cycle times, counts etc.  Pretty much everything available in the program.  I am using plc models, Q10UDEHCPU,Q04UDEHCPU, and Q06UDEHCPU.  I have not done networking before nor do I understand how to set it up.  I think maybe we can use the Predefined protocols but I am not sure.  If that is correct how do I set it up or can someone point me to the right manual to set it up? Thank You Luther