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  1. Hello All, This is a post for a friend of mine. He is using RsLogix 5000. When uploads a file from the processor, it uploads the program, but doesn't upload the Tag Names, Rung comments etc. Its just the actual lines of logic. He also says he isn't getting the prompt for the uploading of Data Tables. Any ideas? Thanks for the help
  2. Communication Issue

    PCMK was connected to the DH+ or DH 485 port. DTAM is connected to the RS232 port The PCMK is configured under "configured drivers" in Rslinx.. but the Network setup for the PCMK card is currently set up for "DH+". I wonder if i have the option to set to DH485? In fact I did notice that the DH+ LED on the SLC was just flickering on/off..not solid like I'm used to seeing on other processors. Could it be something in the communication setup in the RSlogix 500 controller properties I used the PCMK Card / cable on another PLC just before I hooked up to this one so I know (well think) that that part is ok
  3. Hello all, We have an old PLC driven steam generator. PLC is a Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 with a Allen Bradley DTAM Operatar Interface that is connected from the RS232 port on the SLC to the OIT. Yesterday I attempted to hook up my laptop using a PCMK card, and RSLinx didnt see it the processor. PCMK card is good, and RSLinx configured properly. What could it be? any ideas? Thanks John Bourg
  4. Exporting a report

    Thanks Bob, Logix compare report sent via, .pdf Thanks again
  5. When you use the "Compare" function to compare to different RsLogix files, can you export that to .pdf or similar? I need to run the Compare tool, and be able to email the report. Thanks for the help
  6. SLC Clears Program on Power Up/Down

    We had a similair issue, the problem was that oil yes oil, had leaked from the old conduit onto the chassis (backplane) causing the same problem. It wasnt till I visibly saw oil on the back part of one of analog input cards that I found the problem. You could also make sure its not looking for a EEprom to load from on Boot that isnt there: Data File S2 under Memory Module Tab: Memory Module Loaded on Boot S:5/8
  7. An update. Turns out he bought a null modem calbe instead of a serial cable I'll let the forum know how things went once hw gets the proper cable
  8. I have a friend in CA that is trying to hook up directly to a Panel View 1000 (2711-K10C8L1) RsLinx lite configured for DF1-Rs232. Panelbulder 32 version 3.8 He was able upload/download to his SLC using a 1747-CP3 using DF-1. I did some research on the 1747-CP3 cable, and a old thread said that this cable will not work when hooked up directly to a Panelview. He got a serial cable to hookup to the panelview 1000 I'm here in Maryland trying to troubleshoot his communication issues so bare with me. I asked him first if there were 2 RS232 ports on the Panelview 1000 (one for printer, other for communcation) he says no that there is only one. I had him verify Rslinx DF-1 config. when he hits "auto configure" , Rslinx just wonders, and doesnt see the panelview. I ask him to open Panelbuiler 32, and at the open/new/upload/download box I had him select "Upload" He gets a box with "ok" and a little "caution symbol" This is 101 in PLC's, and its killing us because we both know it, but are exhausted out of ideas
  9. Thats the exact cable he just bought. Thanks
  10. We have the workstation node set to 77. Its got to be the PCMK card. In Rslinx everything is "RUNNING" no errors.
  11. A friend of mine is trying to comunicate with a SLC 5/04. He is using a PCMK card. Series B He has installed the PCMK Driver correctly. He has set up the correct driver configuration for the PCMK in RsLinx correctly (Rslinx-lite) Once he hooks up to the SLC, Rslinx only sees his workstation. He verifiied the cable from the PCMK to the SLC, even purchased a new one. The question is that the RSlogix 500 , file under "channel configuration" Channel one is set up for "DH+", with a baud rate of 230k Could this baud rate be set to high? Since this is the current file installed on the SLC that is functioning properly, could the fact that the baud rate in the Rslogix file be causing issues with Rslinx seeing the processor. The only other thing I supposed is a faulty PCMK Card. Thanks
  12. Panelview fault 684

    Will do Thanks
  13. anyone ever experience this fault 684 on there panelview. Simply cycling the power on the Panelview gets rid of it, but kinda curious as to what this is. Any thoughts
  14. Well the demon came back, and I suggested checking the power supply, and indeed it was the power supply. The power drop was enough to cause the SLC to go into infinite cycling of start-up reset. They replaced the power supply, problem solved mracer called it first
  15. The decision was made to replace the SLC 5/04 because of its age. They downloaded the RSLogix file, and everything appears to be ok.