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  1. Hi, I am using an SLC500, 5/05 attached to a laptop via RS232. I am using a modem "2wire, 2701HG-G". I used a program found in the forum "dialing a cell phone with micrologix 1500", but doesn't work, maybe i miss something. can somebody help me please, will be very appreciated. i attached the program Thanks a lot
  2. Hi, How much we have to pay for a Tech Connect contract ? Thanks
  3. need some advice

    Thanks a lot, very helpful
  4. need some advice

    hi, i am projecting to install project, i will use the RSLogix 5000,v17, i will connect 4 analog input 1756 IF8 AND 5 RTD cards 1756 IR6I (I HAVE 30 LEVEL AND 30 pt100), AND I have to show all the tanks with levels and temperature and other applications like motors and valves, on a touchscreen. My question is : What 's the best HMI software i have to use ? What's the best touchscreen in Allen Bradley parts. I am familiar with the RSView 32, but i would like to know if there's another better visualision software, where i can use more than 100 tags and about 30 windows. Thanks for your help
  5. slc500 5/05 ethernet

    My problem was the RSLinks, i installed the 2.55 and every thing went good Thanks
  6. slc500 5/05 ethernet

    I know now how to choose the IP adress. In my site's adressing sheme, i have a laptop with IP adress, computer, another computer, another laptop and the TV Samsung serie 8,, the router have IP adress, the mask is, for my SLC 500 i choose but like before, the same thing, shows me yellow exclamation and red cross. i am using RSLinks 2.55 and windows XP professionnal SP3, RSLogix 500 pro version 5.50. When i put the in the internet browser i can see the diagnostic etc.... of my SLC 500,5/05 ser C, FRN11 !!!!!!
  7. slc500 5/05 ethernet

    Thanks, i will learn
  8. slc500 5/05 ethernet

    thanks Mike for your reply, but as i posted before i would like to connect to the SLC 5/05 by ethernet and i dont know where i can find the IP adress to put in the second field, after the hardware IP
  9. slc500 5/05 ethernet

    Thank you very much for your reply. I checked the hardware adress in front of the face of the controller, i found it, this will go to the first field, but i don`t know where to find the SLC 5/05 IP adress that goes to the second field labeled as you said < IP adress > in dot notation. Ìs it right to use the modem as i explained in my first post. thanks a lot
  10. slc500 5/05 ethernet

    Hi everybody, i have home an SLC500 1747L553,ser C,FRN 11, i bought it to learn how to make changes via Ethernet. i read that there's manual and BOOTP configuration, i am intersting on manual configuration. i connect my laptop to the modem (provided by my internet compagny BELL) and connect the SLC500 to the modem too. i went to channel configuration, deselect BOOTP. My question is : where to find the IP adress, the configuration asked for (i am still learning).There's too many adresses on that pop up, i don't know where to find them. I know that i have IP adress on the laptop, but on the PLC !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please can you help me Thanks a lot
  11. How much for one of them & can you ship to Montreal Canada