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  1. FX1S Coils Not latching

    Okay so that helps then if I want to give certain coils priority too.  Its working now as it should so I'm glad I now understand it a bit better. Thanks 
  2. Automatically Adjust for BST

    Sorry, yes m8000. Will this constantly be triggering check of date then to allow adjustment of time. Or is this a one off check when plc is switched onto run? I'm trying to get my head around how the logic works 
  3. Automatically Adjust for BST

    Amazing, ill try it before the clock change.   If d8000 is run I guess I'd need to switch the plc to stop and back to run on the date though or will it check this daily?
  4. Automatically Adjust for BST

    Hi, its coming around to the time that I manually adjust forward the time of one of my PLCs. I have for the last 5 years adjusted the time forward for BST in March, and backwards in October.  I inherited this PLC at work and it produces a print out with date and time on for delivery receipts. I have never looked into if this can be automated without the need to adjust it twice a year, plugging it into a computer running gx developer, as that was what the previous maintenance engineer did? Is there an easy way to add something to the ladder?
  5. FX1S Coils Not latching

    Thansk for the information, that has confirmed to me why changing that to only have 1 output worked when I tested. Bizarre though how Y4 worked okay with multiple uses.
  6. FX1S Coils Not latching

    Hi, I am fairly new to PLCs, I am writing a gate/barrier autmation program, however I have Y0,1 & 3 Flickering and unable to signal their relays. 1 & 3 are barriers that need a pulse to open, 0 & 4 are gates that need to maintain to remain open. If you see in this screenshot Y000 is not ON when it is being called by M1. Yet in another image Y0004 is ON when being called by M1. This is in a simulator but works the same on the PLC, If i erase the program I can manually force on ALL outputs and the relays activate.