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  1. Hello, I have noticed that a frequent product here is the I-7561U. I'd like to know your reviews. What are you using it for?
  2. I know moxa is not a product. I just mean the company, I gave the serial port server as an example. OK, thanks for the information!
  3. AB vs Siemens

    Good advices, but you have to look at what will be most convenient and reasonable for you.
  4. 3mm Android Rugged Panel PC

    Is the computer industrial?
  5. USB TO RS485 PC Adapter Installation

    More favorable offer here -> https://consteel-electronics.com/I-7561-CR-en?search=I-7561U&description=true
  6. Good converter from RS-232 to USB

    Check it out -> USB232 A very good and reliable device, and at the same time cheap!  
  7. Which plc is the best?

    Right, the best PLC for you is the one that fits your needs and is suitable for your project.
  8. Help improving a product

    It's great that there is a free trial version with full functionalities. Good luck!
  9. I'm looking for a serial device server, which will be a cheaper equivalent of moxa. Does anyone recommend anything?