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  1. Cognex and Compact logix

    In the first picture is, camera.inspectionresults, is what I am focusing on. The status does not mention inspection length, nor does camera.inspectionresults. After Talking to Cognex, this is a known issue with the series 9000 AOP, but they helped me get the length using spreadsheet. I would still like to use the FSC function that Joe mentioned in the post above to find a length of a string when it's not provided just in case, I might need it in the future.  Thanks for the help!!!
  2. Cognex and Compact logix

    Sure, i attached two pictures.  the second one is the all the inputs from the AOP, and you can see it does not have a length
  3. Cognex and Compact logix

    Bob, No, the camera only provides the string, not the length of the string.  
  4. Hi, I need help finding the length of a string.  I am using an In-sight 9000 series camera with a compact logix 5380 and communicating over ethernet. Unfortunately, the string length is not provided in the AOP, and the barcode length will constantly change. I told to use the FSC instruction, but I cannot get it to work. Thanks