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  1. Hmi modbus TCP/IP device communication

    Thank you for your comment but this type addressing isn't modbus addressing type. The document that i found had wrong title.This is profibus addressing. 
  2. Hmi modbus TCP/IP device communication

     I dont understand a register for example 30.001 is 16 bit register, a byte is 8 bit. So i think input byte 0 and input byte 1 is together a register, Am i wrong? I think this document writes for the device. Device's input data is PLC's output data. Attached is the document of modbus TCP device. FB-Ethernet-DLT6096-15-aEN-158.rar
  3. Hmi modbus TCP/IP device communication

    Hi all; I have Delta DOP110 IS hmi and i have a modbus tcp device. I want to communicate hmi and device with modbus tcp/ip but i didnt understand device's register address. For example, input bytes 0,1 analogue control word, What is the register address? 40.000 or 40.001 can you help me ?