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  1. Hey Indra,

    Kindly tell me where could I find S/w for Taian TP 10..

  2. how move licence

    hi, I have tried to use eMOVEW but always the same error, about operating system, said WINDOWS NT, infact my noetbook not WIN NT but WINDOWS XP. I attached the error when moving the licence indra
  3. Hi, I have software RS LOGIX500 in the notebook under WINDOWS XP. At the moment my hardisk have virus and need the RE FORMATED. Please inform me HOW TO REMOVE THE LICENCE KEY THAT INSIDE THIS HARDISK TO THE DISKETTE ? Please inform me the way step by step because I tried to use eMOV but error with info NT WINDOWS, in fact my notebook is WINDOWS XP. regrads, indra
  4. Dear Sir, We have PLC module old type that consist 3 ( three types ), all of these are linked with flat cable. FX2-64MR + FX-48ER + FX-16EYR I think these 3 ( three ) types are DISCONTINUE. Please help me to get the DIRECT REPLACEMENT TYPES for existing old each types and we just want to PLUG and PLAY for the new types replacement. I enclosed the picture of these 3 PLC INDRA
  5. plc FX1N-24MR

    Hi, We have CPU MITSUBISHI type FX1N-24MR. We have it for our new roofing forming machine from vietnam. At the moment we have problem but I can not ONLINE the PLC because looks like protected by PASSWORD. Does anyone knows how to open / by pass this PASSWORD then I can go trhough the LADDER program ? This machine we bought without drawing and ladder plc printout, just installed then running. only simple electrical diagram but also in Vietname language. we tried to contact this suplier but never get any reply yet. indra

    Hi, I have PLC MITSUBISHI with type FX0N-40MR-ESThis PLC type is ACTIVE or DISCONTINUE product ? because I want to order it for replace the defect one. If this type DISCONTINUE , please inform me the DIRECT REPLACEMENT type that no need some modification wiring and just PLUG and PLAY ONLY. indra
  7. CPU S7-300 TYPE

    Hi, I have CPU PLC S7-300 type CPU314 with P/N : 314-1AG13-0AB0. At the moment this type is DEFECT and I have SPARE with difference P/N, these two spares are : 6ES7314-1AE04-0AB0 6ES7314-6CG03-0AB0 Please help me to get information about these two types SPARES, SI IT POSSIBLE TO REPLACE THE DEFECT ONE ( 6ES7314-1AG13-0AB0 ) ?? What are the difference among these 3 types ? indra
  8. plc DATA problem

  9. plc DATA problem

    Hi, I have plc cpu a2 series "mitsubishi" we have problem with our wrapping machine that use plc data "D66" signal counting from encoder the problem d66 can not stop (reset) that make conveyor running continue. In normal condition should be the paper on conveyor on position, ( ready to wrap ) and stop conveyor ( with make reset/"0" counter to stop conveyr, to make wrapping action. Please help me to trace this "D66" signal which make to reset / zero because i trace the program, like a circle back to this counter data again ( D66 ) I enclosed the capture of the D66 that always counting , never stop that make conveyor over postion and wrapping step can not be done.
  10. upload plc omron c20k

    Hi, I have old type CPU OMRON C20K ( see attached ) and I have communication module C20-LK201-EV1. Does any one knows HOW to make setteing the DISP SW on this LINK ? ( see attached ) I also nedd info, is it correct to upload the program PLC, this CPU 20K, should be use SSS software and can not use CX PROGRAMMER ? I also have the PRO-27 CONSOLE. What I have to prepare for using this console, I want to monitor one by one the ladder but I can not find the port connector for connecting between PRO-27 and CPU C20K. indra
  11. cpu FX0n error

    Hi, I have PLC MITSUBISHI type FX0N-40MR-ES. At the moment, i have problem , the LED on front panel PLC are light on, it means CPU ERROR ( CPU-e ). Please inform me HOW TO SOLVE this problem ? Regards, INDRA
  12. inverter sanken

    hi, I already save the replament type VM-05, but I can not find the same error code "OLE"
  13. Hi Does any one knows or have the manual instruction of INVERTER "SANKE" type SAMCO-M with SPEC MF-2.2k-380. Please help me to get this manual because the display show error code "OLE" but I do not know what is it ? I already tried to search via internet but can not find it? REGARDS< INDRA
  14. Hi. does any one knows about the DRIVES "INDRAMAT" for CONTROLLER type : KDS1.1-150-300-W. Please inform me this type is DISCONTINUE or NOT. If DISCONTINUE, what is the DIRECT REPLACEMENT types ? indra
  15. Hi, just for info, my notebook still use WINDOWS XP indra