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  1. CX Programmer error

    Hi Juan, Thanks a lot for your time. I wil try downloading the utileries. This problem appear after I installed Nero, so makes sense.....let me try and I will send you back the result. Thanks a lot again.
  2. CX Programmer error

    I did it, but I have the same problem. I wonder if this problem is associated with my laptop, because I installed CX programmer in another computer and is running perfect. Can I try with another option? Thanks a lot
  3. CX Programmer error

    Hello, I need your help.......when I create a new proyect CX programmer show the next message: (Failed to create temporary (working)CX server proyect) Can somebody help me how to fix this problem? Thanks a lot
  4. hello..... I want to send serial command to a GV6 driver controller witch a PLC micrologix1500, I am testing from PLC to hyperterminal and the PLC is sending the correct string, but the GV6 is not detecting the message. Can somebody give a recommendation? Thanks.
  5. HMI CTC-DL205 CPU260

    Hello, I am trying to link one HMI CTC from parker with a Koyo PLC DL205 cpu 260. The ctc has the driver: Siemens/koyo/205/305/405. I can configure this driver with the port, baud rate,etc. The PLC DL205 is using the protocol Ksequence and I am trying and trying changing baud rate, parity, etc. and I do not get sucess. Can somebody share me a technical tip???? thanks a lot.
  6. S7-200 & GEMINI GV6K

    Hi, I need to send a position command (VAR1=1200) to the Gemini with the S7-200. Can somebody share your experience please? Thanks .
  7. s:4/0 bit micrologix1500

    I ned to know what fraction of time has the bit s:4/0 in the CPU LRP of micrologix1500. Thanks.