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  1. Thanks a lot for your explanation. We think it is much harder to write in S7-Graph, because right now on the old TSX we have the Microsteps (i don't now if this is the correct translation) within the ladders. In those steps the program is written with some kind of Structured Text ("If ... then ... else ...") and at the end we write something like 2->W10. In the transition itself we only ask if W10=2 and the ladder will continue. I don't know if this kind of programming is possible with Siemens. But in my opinion it is much easier to see where the error is for our maintenance. It really is a big step for us, so we are not quite sure what the best way is.
  2. Hi acpi, thank you for your answer. We want to use Schneider, because they can transfer our old PLC-application with all the Graphcet to their new ControlExpert software. We don't like the way Siemens wants us to work with S7-Graph.  With "remap" you mean the addressing of the I/Os?
  3. Hey there, we want to upgrade some of our old TSX87 PLCs to new Schneider M580. My boss gave me an order to make a plan. My basic idea is to only use a M580 processor and some communication cards. For the I/O we want to use some Beckhoff bus couplers. So we got the possibility to convert our old Grafcet to new ones via software by Schneider. But if **** hits the fan we only have to change the processor and can use another system like Siemens or Beckhoff without changing the I/O devices. My problem now is, that i don't know what bus i should use. I can't find many informations about the supported busses that the M580 is using or i can't find informations if a specific bus is working with it. I would prefer the Ethercat bus by Beckhoff. Can somebody say if it is working with the M580 processors or do i need to use some special communication card for it? Maybe someone used it already in this combination.   Sorry for the bad english. Greetings from Germany
  4. Hello acpi, can you describe your way in detail? Which converter-model do you use and how do i set it up properly? Is it also a communication with something "Ethernet-like" or do you use the local driver in XTEL? Thanks
  5. Hey there, now i got a virtual machine (VirtualBox) with OS/2 & XTEL6.1 SP1 up and running. The local connection to the PLC is working via TSXPC01 and a TSX TE01-box. If i put an Ethway ETH107 in the local PLC, i can reach all other PLCs in our Ethway-Network. Within my research i found some hint on the french Schneider-Website and in a french forum for PLC&Automation. There is a programming device called Kalhix Generation, that really has an Ethway-Connection to the old TSX-PLCs. They use Win10 as host, virtual machine with OS/2 and then some kind of magic to establish the connection. Unfortunately the german Schneider support won't give me answers how they do it and they won't sell it in Germany. I personally they got some new drivers or a special kind of network card.   Can anybody tell me something about the Kalhix device? Is someone working with it already? Sorry for the bad english.
  6. Thank you all very much for the answers. I think now we have a real chance to get it running.   @Crossbow i know that the PLCs are very old, but we have tons of spare parts for them and the machines are in a good condition. At the moment we see no point of changing them to new ones. Maybe you know the saying: "Never change a running system"
  7. Hey there, I have a very special question for all experts in the old TSX-PLCs. We got about 20-30 TSX87 (and some 107) running in a big Ethway-Network. Our Maintenance-Service is using an old PC with OS2 and PL7-3 for troubleshooting and programming the PLCs. Is there any way to run a OS2-Virtual Machine on a Win10-Host PC and get the Ethway-Protocol routed inside the Virtual Machine? We managed to get OS2 and PL7-3 running inside the VM, but we fail to get the Ethway-Connection inside of it. We use some PCI Ethway-Cards. I don't know the exact name of the card in the moment, but if it is necessary for an answer i will find it out.   Greetings from Germany